The Blue Screen Of Death

Yes, Friday night, it happened.  I blithely wandered back to my bedroom after a full night of visiting with family and supplying the neighborhood children with their sugar fixes only to find that my laptop would not boot up.  I’d had no signs of impending danger, so I have to admit to suffering a bit of a shock.  What?  No wireless browsing from the comfort of my own bed?  An outrage!

Adventure Guy, more tech-savvy than me on the whole, proved to be no help in this situation.  He took one look and reported, “Uh, that’s really bad.  You need to take it in to your tech guys on Monday.”  Monday–two full days without a wireless connection.  Actually having to go upstairs and use the desktop?  Horrors! 

So I didn’t.  As evidenced by the distinct lack of NaBloPoMo participation and posting until today, I took a blogging break.  I didn’t write.  I didn’t read.  I didn’t even check my email.  And, amazingly, I survived.  Admittedly, we had plenty to keep us busy over the weekend.  On Friday night, my in-laws joined us for dinner with my parents who came in to visit.  We had great brisket and ribs that Adventure Guy smoked along with baked beans and my favorite mandarin orange salad.  Plus some Halloween candy. 

On Saturday, I had some more Halloween candy–but, I digress.  Saturday morning brought Soccer Boy’s game.  His grandparents’ attendance must have brought him luck because he not only had a goal but also saved two others from being scored by the opposing team.  He played well and was so pleased that everyone was there to see it.

That afternoon, I took advantage of my self-imposed electronics ban and read on the couch while my mom played board games with the kids.  Adventure Guy and I then got out for an actual night out when we attended the fundraiser auction and dinner for our school district’s charitable foundation.  We came out the winner on a couple of baskets in the silent auction portion of the evening and kept our hands very close to our sides for the live auction!

Yesterday was filled with church in the morning and a baby shower in the afternoon, followed by perhaps my most productive time period of the weekend.  I managed to get home from the shower, get DD2 to the public library to check out books on female leaders from Latin America, make it to get my oil changed and car washed right before closing time, drop off DD2 at youth group, and get Soccer Boy’s hair cut, all in the span of two hours.  I’m going to remember that going to get the oil change and the haircut at the end of the day saved me lots of wait time that I would have had earlier.

But, even with all that productivity resulting from the lack of connectivity, I can’t say that I wasn’t thrilled earlier today when my favorite tech guy arrived back in my office with my laptop this morning.  I called first thing today, and he came over to get it.  Fortunately, he worked his magic, and my files are safe.  Safe and backing up across the room as I type!


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  1. Eeek! That’s a long time to go without a computer! I’m so glad your files are safe!

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