Indian Summer

The weather here in Suburbia has been absolutely beautiful for the past few days.  The kids and I celebrated a bit of time off of school for Fall Break by going to the pumpking patch yesterday afternoon.  Our tradition is to decorate outside for fall, and, though I’ll admit I had thought about not doing it this year because of how busy we’ve been, we had a great time picking out the perfect pumpkins, hay, and corn stalks.

Here’s the results of our effots!

Pumpkin Topiary

Pumpkin Topiary

The Kids' Fall Creation

The Kids' Arrangement

More Mums!

More Mums!



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2 responses to “Indian Summer

  1. Darci

    I love the topiary! Are the pumpkins anchored together or just sitting on top of one another? Great idea!!

  2. LSM

    If you get the right shaped pumpkins it works to just stack them up. The bottom pumpkin is a type that is fairly flat, so it sits on the top of the pot. Then the others just sit on top. Sometimes you have to remove the stem on one of the pumpkins to make them sit together.

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