Since It’s October

I guess with October being National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and all, it’s only appropriate that I had another follow-up with the breast specialist today.  Six months ago I survived both incompetent medical support personnel and an MRI in order to finally learn that I don’t have cancer.  Well that and that they still don’t know for sure what showed up on the initial mammogram and ultrasounds I had prior to the MRI. 

In sharp contrast to all the previous hassles, today’s appointment couldn’t have gone better.  I made it to the medical center without getting into much traffic, checked into the office prepared for a long wait, and was promptly ushered into the exam room.  I barely had enough time to get changed and begin reading my book (which I had actually remembered to bring) before the doctor came in to see me.  And in only a few more minutes, I had the news that everything looked fine.  So fine that I needed to schedule a new appointment for a year from now rather than for six months.

Great news and arrival back at the office at around the time I expected to be seeing the doctor.  It would be hard to ask for more than that.


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