So, blogging took a back seat to life these last few days.  The September NaBloPoMo challenge took more out of me than I realized, and, combined with my hectic work schedule lately, left me feeling like I didn’t have a lot to contribute here in the Suburbs.

But, I’m back.  Or actually, I’m not back to Suburbia yet, but I will be soon.  I’m currently writing from the Seattle airport as I wait for my first flight of the day.  I’ve spent the last few days here connecting with the August 96 Moms group at our annual reunion.  This group of ladies–who, much to our horror at times, realize we pre-date the current mommy blogger generation–connected on one of the early birth-month listserves back when we were expecting children due in August of ’96.  We’ve been emailing ever since and getting together in locations across the country for the last ten years.  This year, the reunion was in Seattle, just as it was the first year.  I had a great time hanging out with my friends, some of whom can also be found in the blogosphere these days–here, here, here, here, and here.

I’ll post some photos as soon as I’m able to upload, but the short version is we saw the sights including the Space Needle, the harbor ferry to Bainbridge Island, the Underground Seattle tour, Pioneer Square, and, of course, Nordstrom’s (wait, what do you mean Nordstrom’s isn’t an official Seattle tourist attraction?).  Though evidently the locals don’t want the word out, the weather was beautiful.  No rain until this morning and cool, crisp fall temperatures.

We also ate our way through several excellent meals.  Last night, on the recommendation of one of the local moms, we went to Black Bottle, a tapas restaurant.  The food and service were excellent, a great way to end the trip.  Friday night after I arrived, we had dinner at Icon Grill.  I loved my meal, and the specialty martinis weren’t bad either! On Saturday night, we ate at Dahlia Lounge, our fanciest venue and again with great food.  It was probably my least favorite of the places we ate, which is hard to even say since it would have likely been a favorite meal if not compared to the others.  I would recommend any of these places to future Seattle visitors.  I actually hope that Adventure Guy and I can make it back here for a long weekend some time since he’s never visited Seattle before.

So, now that I’m well-fed and nourished by good friendships, it’s time to head back home.  I’ve been away long enough to really miss the kids and Adventure Guy, so I’m ready to be back to “real life.” And, it will be real–I’ve got a meeting to attend tonight and then another busy week at work.  The good news, though, is that our district’s Fall Break is this week.  The kids have Wednesday through Friday off, and I plan to take at least Friday off to hang out with them.  I’m just hoping I bring some of this cool weather back to Suburbia with me to make it really seem like October!

Space Needle

Space Needle

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market

Flowers At Pike Place Market

Flowers At Pike Place Market

Pioneer Square

Pioneer Square



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3 responses to “MIA

  1. It’s amazing that your Moms group has kept in touch for so long. Sounds like the get-together was fabulous!

    Enjoy your children this week….I hope the weather cools down for you. 85 here today:)

  2. Ah, so you did your homework and found the restaurant links! I was not so smart with my planning when I posted about the food. But wow, was it ever yummy!!
    And not only is Nordstroms on the official list of sights to see, so is Starbucks 🙂

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