Hang On Tight

“Do you want me to hold your hand?” I asked as I glanced across the room and took in DD1’s quivering lip and the barely contained tears in her eyes.  “Yes, please,” she said as the tears, no longer contained, ran down her cheeks.  And then she gripped me tight, then tighter, while the tech readied the needle for a blood draw.

Sometimes, no matter how grown up you think you are, you still need your mother to hold your hand.  In this case, DD1, who is always fearful of needles, needed me to be there while they took her blood to test for anemia.  In the last six weeks, she’s been sick three times with vague, likely viral symptoms.  The concern is the same thing seems to keep wiping her out.  The doctor ruled out strep and mono, so we’re looking for other causes for the fatigue, headaches, and occasional sore throats.

And while it is always nice to be needed, I just want my baby to feel better–even if that baby is now officially taller than I am!

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  1. They never stop being our “babies”! Ever!! Hope she will feel better soon.

    I can’t believe that freshman can’t attend a school-sponsored formal dance. What’s THAT about? Poor thing. I can feel your pain though. My daughter received the highest soprano score at her regional chorus competition last year. Unfortunately, they only allow juniors and seniors to compete at the state level. I. Was. Hot.!!

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