Is September Over Yet?

This has not been my best month.  However, I do hope to be able to say that I fulfilled the NaBloPoMo challenge I took on in some fit of craziness back around the first.

HA! was this month’s theme, and I gave up on trying to link my posts to that topic pretty early on.  However, I do feel that this month has been one big, bad joke as far as my ability to keep all those proverbial balls I’m juggling in the air.

Here’s hoping October is better.  And, no, I will not be doing NaBloPoMo.  Maybe the big one in November–ormaybe not, but definitely not the October one.  And sometime soon, I’ll try to put a few coherent thoughts together rather than just rambling on.  I promise!


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One response to “Is September Over Yet?

  1. Oh, I agree. September was not a good month at all, and I can’t wait for it to end. I just hope October is double-wonderful to make up for the last month!

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