Wishing On A Tree

Tree of Wishes
Tree of Wishes

On Saturday night, I experienced a moment of serendipity, one of those magical times I’m trying to take more notice of as I go about the business that is often my life these days.  To take advantage of the absolutely perfect early fall weather, my brother suggested we eat dinner outside on the balcony of one of his favorite restaurants.  Wanting to take full advantage of the time we had available before my nephew woke for another feeding, our little group wandered about Old Town Pasadena a bit before time for our reservation.

In one of the courtyards, we came upon this art installation. The trees literally dripped with the wishes of hundreds of people who’d come before us.  So many, that only a few tags remained.  Having nabbed three, we found ourselves wondering what to write, how to capture our heartfelt wishes for posterity.  Somehow, the moment felt even more important since I shared it with my brother and sister-in-law who absolutely brimmed with hope for the future–all tied up in the precious six-week-old bundle they’d waited so long to have.

I read a few of the tags.  One said

I hope my mother lives to see my daughter because her mother didn’t live to see me.


I want my baby to be okay, even though the tests say he may not be.

And even though it was far from the most original thought, I had to write what immediately came to my mind.

I wish for peace and happiness for my family now and always.

Because, honestly, we could use a bit more of both lately.  Life just seems to speed by in a series of tasks to be completed, business trips to be taken, extra-curricular activities to be managed, and homework to be done.  I feel like we all just need to take a collective deep breath and relax.  And one of the things that helps a bit with that is imagining my wish floating away from me, providing me with the inspiration and the ability to make it come true. 

My guess is that might look a little bit like this…




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