Hello From Southern California

Though my day started waaay too early this morning with a 6:00 a.m. call from someone at work who both forgot I was on vacation and that I’d travelled from Suburbia to California, making it two hours earlier for me than for him, I managed to regroup and go back to sleep until another call from work at a little after 8:00 a.m.  So much for a leisurely start to my first day off in a while.

The early wake-up allowed me to spend some quality time with my brother who was taking morning baby duty.  He even treated me to an omelet while I held my new, snugly little nephew.  Once we’d finished breakfast and hung out a while (and I’d fielded several more calls from work), my brother took me for a walking tour around his Pasadena, California neighborhood, including the Obama headquarters.  

We then returned home to pick up my sister-in-law for lunch and some shopping.  I’m proud to report that I scored some major bargains at a closeout sale and will have some new things to wear for work when I return.  It’s been a fun day, and I’ll post some pictures once I’m home and have the ability to upload them.



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4 responses to “Hello From Southern California

  1. Ah Pasadena! That’s where SP has a house right now – he’s up there every weekend as the repairs continue. Enjoy your time with your new nephew. I was so confused that were already out again somewhere else!

  2. Rachel

    Wow! If your brother is frequenting the Obama headquarters in Pasadena, he and I probably know people in common. I lived there for 6+ years, and spent a lot of time working on various incarnations of “United Democratic Headquarters” there.

    Hope you’re having a good trip!

  3. Anne

    Oh I can’t wait to see pictures of that new little boy.

  4. Darci

    How awesome that you got to spend that time with them!!
    Can’t wait to see some pictures.

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