Leaving On A Jet Plane (Or, My Husband Is A Saint)

Okay, so I can’t escape the influence of those Peter, Paul, and Mary 8-tracks my father used to play in my formative years…despite my quite unpleasant experiences flying yesterday, I am indeed taking off again this evening.  And, loyal readers (I know you’re both out there!) I haven’t even filled you in on the additional excitement of last night’s trip.

As I mentioned, I was delayed and rerouted due to mechanical issues on the plane that was to fly me from Denver to Dallas.  Instead, I connected through Chicago–where I sat from 4:15 p.m. until the 8:15 p.m. boarding call for my flight home.  I was so thankful to finally be taking off for home at 8:30.  That is until the pilot aborted the takeoff and returned us to the gate because of a warning light that came on as we were about to leave the ground.

I pride myself on being calm under pressure, and even more than calm being nice under pressure.  Um, that didn’t exactly happen this time when I marched off the plane and to the gate agent to demand that I be put on any flight that would get me to Suburbia last night, even if they had to put me on another airline.  And that worked so well that I got to sit down and wait with everyone else until they found us another plane.  Though that plane did, thankfully, deliver me home around midnight.

During the time I spent in Denver, Adventure Guy not only has been getting the children to their myriad activities and commitments, but he’s also dealt with the start of the roofing job that’s been on hold for weeks and come home to find an unexpected pool of water in our entry hall thanks to, as we learned today, a broken coil on our upstairs air conditioning unit.  He also got to deal with a grumpy wife who wasn’t as nice as she should have been upon arriving home after 16 hours of travel.

So, I’d like to dedicate this post to him.  I don’t say it often enough, but I couldn’t possibly do all this without him.  And, no, it’s not his “help” that I appreciate, it’s his equal parenting and willingness to work together to make our family life and both of our careers run as smoothly as possible–even when I drop things like an unplanned pick-up of farm co-op goods today on him or am less than grateful for all his efforts while I’ve been gone. 

This time his willingness to manage things on his own for a few more days means I get to go meet my newest nephew in California, the first child of my brother and sister-in-law.  He’s a much wanted and highly-anticipated addition to the family, and I can’t wait to to have the opportunity to hold him for myself.  And while I am, I’ll be remembering that I owe that privilege to Adventure Guy.



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2 responses to “Leaving On A Jet Plane (Or, My Husband Is A Saint)

  1. ramblingmom

    I LOVE BABIES!!! (Especially someone else’s :^) ).

  2. I am guilty of under-appreciating my husband and all of his contributions to the sometimes-well-oiled-machine that I like to call my family! I’m sure your hubby appreciates your kind words.

    Be sure to post photos of the baby! The newest one in our family delights everyone around her. Be safe!!

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