We May Be Crazy

Our Latest Addition To The Family
Our Latest Addition To The Family

Yes, the chocolate lab puppy on top in the photo (at 2 days old) is destined to join the family sometime around the first of November.  Adventure Guy has had his sights set on having a hunting dog, and DD1 is vying for a dog of her own as well, since Soccer Boy tends to claim Radar, our black lab, and DD2 and Ludwig the dachshund have a special bond.

Me, I figure we already have plenty of dog hair around our place–what’s a little more in exchange for a lot of love?  Remind me of that when we’re in the housebreaking stage!



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2 responses to “We May Be Crazy

  1. I’ve considered getting black carpet to hide my lab’s hair. The clumps are the size of a tumbleweed, and they are EVERYWHERE right now! No amount of brushing can tame the shedding beast!!! Thank goodness we are NOT in the potty training stage 🙂

    Congratulations on your new addition. What a beautiful animal! Pets really do bring joy to a home. I can’t imagine ever being without my little balls of fur…

  2. Darci

    Good for you! I have such fond memories of all of our dogs growing up (albeit we only had one at a time) and I wouldn’t have denied my kids (and myself) that joy for anything!!

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