Days Like This

I’m a bit bitter today.  Last night All-American High lost a big, big game.  They deserved to lose–let’s just say they demonstrated a number of opportunities for improvement–but it’s never fun to come out on the wrong end of that kind of competition.

That’s a lesson Soccer Boy learned today as well.  After a full year of going undefeated, Soccer Boy’s team, coached by Adventure Guy, lost their game today 6 to 5.  The boys played flat the first half and then worked hard the second half.  The lead shifted back and forth; the boys dripped water from the rain and mud from the field, but in the end they came up short.  More than one boy, including Soccer Boy, left the field in tears.  It’s probably not a bad thing for the team to realize that the wins don’t come without a lot of work.  But that’s a hard lesson for anyone to learn.

And DD2 learned a lesson of her own today as well.  Dance squad brings some significant challenges, just as gymnastics did.  But this time, the challenges come in the form of standing on the sidelines in the rain watching other people play their sport.  Oh, and looking like you’re having fun doing it.  That would be a key as well.  The rain slowed a bit for the halftime performance but really picked up during the second half.  By the end of the game, I loaded three very wet and cold pom girls into the Suburban for the ride home.

But all of this seems very minor when put in the perspective of what much of my family dealt with last night and today.  My in-laws’ property in Galveston is likely at least partially underwater. My parents lost power at their house mid-afternoon as Ike made its way north from Houston, following the same path my sister and her family did as they evacuated. And my aunt and uncle now have three holes in their roof that aren’t exactly skylights.

So tonight, I’m going to put our various challenges and defeats out of my mind.  DD2 and her friends are working on a school project; DD1 is catching up on make up work from being sick the last couple of days, and Soccer Boy, Adventure Guy, and I are watching a movie.  But most of all, I’ll be focus on being thankful for the fact that I have working electricity and a roof over my head.  Things that are all too easy to take for granted until you’re faced with their absence.



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3 responses to “Days Like This

  1. Darci

    I thought I was in the wrong place when I logged onto your site today! I miss the old background but the new one is lovely! :+)

  2. So sorry to hear about your in-laws…I hope everyone is alright.

    LOVE your new site! Any tips for updating?

  3. Sorry to hear about the damage to your relatives’ homes but glad everyone is safe. I stayed up all night Friday emailing back and forth with a good friend who lives (and stayed for the storm) in Houston. He said the winds made the most terrifying sounds, like someone dying. Thankfully, he only had very minor property damage.

    On a lighter note, I like the new blog digs. Very light and airy.

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