The Way We Knew It

Sunset in Galveston
Sunset in Galveston

As you watch the newscasts today and tomorrow, you’ll likely hear reports of the storm surge on Jamaica Beach, down past the Galveston seawall.  The picture above was shot from my father-in-law’s deck looking out over the bayside of the Jamaica Beach community.

He, his wife, and his mother have evacuated, but he has little expectation of seeing that view for quite some time.  Please think good thoughts for the 40 percent of island residents who evidently haven’t followed my in-laws’ example and left the island.  It’s going to be a rough night.



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2 responses to “The Way We Knew It

  1. Darci

    We’ve been wondering if you might have some family and friends down there. We’ll say prayers for them in the days to come.

  2. Anne

    My thoughts are with all of those in the path of Ike. It reminds me of the year we had Charlie, Frances and Jean all cross at the same place in our county. It sure would be nice if Ike moves fast and out of there!

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