HA! More Than Anyone Ever Wanted To Know About My Monday

Today was Monday in so many ways.  I had meetings almost straight from 8:30 a.m. until 9:30 pm.  First it was our weekly meeting of the superintendent’s “cabinet” which includes associate and assistant superintendents, our CFO, and a school principal.  Next, I had a vendor meeting for some new software we’re implementing, followed by a meeting with the president of our teachers’ union to let her know what was going on in regard to some contracts we have pending.  I then had just enough time for DD1 to meet me at my office after completing some volunteer work at our district’s preschool before we left to pick up DD2 from pom practice and Soccer Boy from after school care.

I dropped them off at home, where DD1 had plans to make tacos for dinner for all of the kids before my mother-in-law picked up DD2 for her dance class.  Since Adventure Guy is still out-of-town at his college reunion, I didn’t have my usual carpooling partner around.  Fortunately, MIL was in town and willing to make the dance run tonight. 

I headed back to work for tonight’s school board meeting, where I had one major presentation, two smaller pieces to discuss, and two big contracts on the agenda for approval.  I’m pleased to say it all went well, and I even more pleased to see those contracts complete, as they represent a year’s worth of work.

So, even though it was late, I’d say the day ended on a good note.  Especially when I got home and saw this:

No holes!

No holes!

Plus, when I uploaded the back splash pictures, I found these cute shots that I’m guessing are Soccer Boy’s work.

Don't believe her when she talks about my "marking" issues.  I'm innocent!

Don't believe what she says about those "marking incidents." I'm innocent!

"I bet they'll blame the big dog if I'm fast!"

"I bet I can get them to blame the big dog if I think things through."


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