Brownie Points

So, this morning as I got up and actually made plans to go to the gym on a holiday, the concept of “brownie points” crossed my mind.  I’m sure there’s a scorecard up there somewhere with notations regarding my good and bad behavior over the course of time.  Working out on a holiday?  Good.  Eating a couple of the remaining vanilla bars when I got home?  Bad.

But most of today falls squarely in the “good” column.  I slept in–always a good thing.  Then I took Soccer Boy with me to the gym.  He likes hanging out in the kids’ area.  On the way home from the gym, I decided to stop by the grocery store to pick up supplies for the dessert I’m taking for dinner with friends tonight.  I complimented myself on being willing to go post-workout since I don’t wear makeup to the gym.  This may not be a big accomplishment for most people, but I was raised in Texas where people don’t actually leave the house without their full “face.”

Of course, I saw people I knew because it wouldn’t be a real test if I didn’t, right?  But, I am pleased to announce that–if I ignore the fact that I spent almost $90 after planning to just pick up a few items–the grocery store stop proved to be quite productive. 

I came away with this for only $5.

Potted Palm Now Residing In My Living Room

Potted Palm Now Residing In My Living Room

Now I’ll admit that it was only the plant itself that cost $5.00.  I spotted them on the way in to the store, and decided that at $9.99 it would be quite a bargain to replace the old palm tree that died this winter after thriving in the spot for several years.  I’m still not sure what happened to that one.  Fortunately, though, I had the pot ready to go.  I just needed a new plant.  When I told the checker at the store I wanted one of the palms outside as well as my groceries, she let me know that because of a sale, it would only be $5.00 rather than $9.99.  Bargain!

I chalked finding that deal and getting it potted right away rather than procrastinating about it as brownie point opportunity number three for the day.  But the best and most literal points came about an hour later when I made two children very, very happy.  After mixing up brownies to serve with ice cream and butterscotch or chocolate fudge tonight, I turned over the beaters and the mixing bowl to DD2 and Soccer Boy.  It’s amazing how you’re never too old to enjoy that!


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  1. ramblingmom

    As long as you didn’t get the potting soil mixed up with the brownie mix.

    (Hmmm maybe I’ll get some brownie mix later today).

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