Loafing On Labor Day

My aim for this Labor Day weekend is to perform as little labor as possible.  Typically we have some type of travel plans or other social commitments, but this weekend we’ve kept wide open, primarily because Adventure Guy heads out on Tuesday, first to Las Vegas for his company’s annual sales meeting and then to Santa Fe for a get together with the dozen of so guys from his class who were a part of his Corps of Cadets unit at A & M. 

With all the home makeover chaos around here and the excitement and packed schedules that come with the beginning of the school year, we needed some real time off.  We slept late, and now we’re snacking and watching college football.  We’ll have a few extra kids over tonight for sleepovers, but they are long-term friends who we know will blend right in with things and actually make things more relaxed since we won’t have to worry about entertaining the kids.  We’ll throw some things on the grill and continue the general loafing.

I might even catch up with some of my reading or scrapbooking that I’ve been putting off for far too long.  And, I’m going to try not to even think about the fact that I have big holes in my kitchen wall where a new backsplash should be.  In true Scarlett-like fashion, I’ll think about that next week.


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