Shiny, Happy People

When I cleared out my china cabinet so that it could be moved during the recent carpet installation, I found this:

My Mother Would Be So Ashamed

My Mother Would Be So Ashamed

But now I have this…


There’s actually something therapeutic about polishing silver.  It didn’t actually take me all that long to accomplish once I got started (and I didn’t even include the tea set I completed before I came to my senses and recorded the process for blogging purposes).  I should remember that and not put it off for so long next time! 


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3 responses to “Shiny, Happy People

  1. Lovely. With the exception of a pair of candlesticks that live on my dining room table, the silver only ever gets polished on Thanksgiving when every possible dish is called into service. Fortunately, I get my poor attention to housekeeping, or at least to silver, from my mother, so no harm done.

  2. I used to dread the approach of the holidays because it meant that we had to help polish the silver!! That’s probably the reason that I don’t own any as an adult!! hahahaha! The joke will be on me when someone passes and leaves their silver to me in the will.

    Yours is beautiful! May I borrow it sometime?

  3. Wrap those puppies in plastic or pacific cloth and then put them back. When I got all that silver from my mother, I polished everything and wrapped it up before putting it away. Come Thanksgiving, you’ll be glad you did.

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