Are You Sick Of This Yet?

Okay, so I managed to pick some faucets.  I wish I could say I didn’t spend entirely too much time and energy making this decision, but I don’t like to lie.  My challenge is that we’re updating the finishes in the kitchen and family room area, but I don’t want to go all out and paint the cabinets or replace the hinges.  So I need stuff that blends a bit. 

That being said, we’ll be going with dark cabinet knobs, not stainless or nickel.  We do have some stainless accents we’re working in, though, since we’re transitioning our appliances over time.  To pull it all together, I decided to choose the black rather than brown Blanco sink and these faucets–one for the kitchen and one for the laundry room.

Kitchen Faucet

Kitchen Faucet


Laundry Room Faucet

Laundry Room Faucet

Some time soon, I’ll try to write a decent post on something besides the updates we’re doing around here.  But I’ve been too busy working, running kids around, and making attempts to get the house back in order after the carpet installation to think.



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3 responses to “Are You Sick Of This Yet?

  1. I love seeing and hearing about your home improvements. I am kinda in the same boat here – totally busy with the house stuff.

  2. Calvin

    Not sick of these posts here either. My DH is pushing a major home improvement project, so I may be picking out faucets soon myself.

  3. I love reading about anything to do with home improvement. So many ideas, so little time……..

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