Anyone Missing A Toilet?

While I might have thought to ask the above question upon opening my garage door this evening, it was in fact my very own toilet that is now living inconveniently in my parking space rather than in my bathroom.

Yes, we’ve entered phase two of the home makeover–tile and carpet.  We are tiling our master bath and water closet area.  The bath portion previously had carpet, and we needed to change out the water closet tile to match the new bathroom tile.  We also tiled a small portion in front of our back door so that the dogs will no longer come in directly onto the family room carpet. The downside of the whole tiling escapade is that the people who laid the tile can’t put the toilet back.  We need a plumber for that.  I guess we’ll be using the powder room for a few days! 

I would capture this phase of the process on film, except that I have no idea where the camera is right now.  I do, however, know exactly where all my wedding china is (as well as the oft-used silver-plated lasagna server I also received as a gift)–it’s stacked on my breakfast room floor.  And my shoes?  Of course, they’re in the large trash bags in the bathtub.  Home organization at its best! We’ve moved all the furniture from our carpeted areas to the areas with wood floors in preparation for the new carpet installation.  

I will be so happy when this stage is over.  The kitchen countertops, which are the last step shouldn’t be quite so mess-inducing!  And speaking of those countertops.  I need some advice.  We have oak cabinets and are using a granite that’s a mixure of brown and black tones.  Right now we have black appliances but plan to transition to stainless over time.  The hardware on the cabinets is a satin gold tone right now, which must be updated.  What color hardware would you recommend?  Stainless?  Rubbed Bronze?  I have to pick a faucet ASAP!



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2 responses to “Anyone Missing A Toilet?

  1. ramblingmom

    Question — which do you think is more neutral. I’m thinking stainless because I think that rubbed bronze is more of a “seasonal” type thing whereas stainless is everlasting (kind of like white walls vs. flowery wallpaper). But that could just be my impression. I could also see a rubbed bronze in a more “high end” kitchen. So if you’ve got higher end cabinetry and appliances and such — the rubbed bronze might work but if you’ve got the Ikea special you’d need to go with stainless.

    However, I’d highly suggest getting a tall faucet that you can fit your pasta pot under.

    That’s my opinion — take it or leave it.

  2. Every time I watch the design channel they always seem to be using brushed nickel; that’s beautiful.

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