So Far, So Good!

I am trying to ignore the mess that I find my house in right now.  The painters finished up, and I love my new wall color and the way the kitchen looks without the wallpaper.  However, painting is just the first step in our home updating project.  On Tuesday, they’ll come to replace the carpet in our bathroom with tile and also to tile a section of the family room around the opening of the door to the backyard.  Then on Wednesday, they’ll put in the new carpet.


In the meantime, we need to have everything moved so that the carpet layers can get to the family room, living room, dining room, and our bedroom.  That includes my closet and all my shoes!  I have a big project waiting for me tomorrow morning.


We also picked out the granite for the new kitchen counter tops on Wednesday.  That will be the last major phase of the redo and should happen week after next.

Family Room and Entry Hall

Family Room and Entry Hall



And, speaking of “so far, so good,” the school year seems to have gotten off to a good start for everyone.  DD1 and DD2 both found their way around without too much difficulty at their new schools, and many of Soccer Boy’s friends from his class last year are in his class again.  DD1 even managed to survive the embarrasment of my hanging out in the hall at her school today, though she seemed to only marginally buy my explanation that I’ve visited all the schools during these first two days of the year.  Her reaction, though, helps me realize that it will be much easier for her to have me working at the central office rather than as a principal at her high school as I would have been if I hadn’t changed jobs last year.  I’m sure she’ll thank me for that later…just as soon as she gets over my surprise appearance at school today!


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  1. oldbluesocks

    I like the colour! It sounds like a big project!

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