Happy New Year!

In my world, today brought the first day of the new year–the school year that is.  After much anticipation, DD1 entered high school and DD2 middle school.  Soccer Boy loves the fact that, unlike his sisters, he’s now the oldest at his school as a 4th grader.  5th and 6th graders go to intermediate schools in our district, so 4th grade is the last in elementary school.

On my side of things, I always spend the first day of school traveling around the district to visit with students, teachers, and administrators.  And I have a new blister to prove it, even though I’ve had the shoes I wore for quite some time.  However, today proved to be much more pleasant than the typical first day of school in August because of record cool temperatures.  I didn’t break a sweat as I walked the campuses, which provided a nice change of pace. And, there were adorable kids at every turn.  I especially love visiting in kindergarten.  Let me tell you, those teachers are masters at classroom management!

It’s hard to believe that at this time last year I was in the early days of my new position.  The year flew by, and I learned so much.  It’s nice, though, to have that first year completed.  I’ll have a much better feel for what needs to be done this year.

And, speaking of this year…sign in above for some pictures of the kids before they left for school this morning.


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  1. I thought our school district was the only one that had that arrangement. I’d never heard of it before we moved here. We have elementary (K-4), middle (5-6), jr high (7-8) and then high school. It seems a little crazy to me. So many families have kids in three different schools at a time.

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