Home Makeover: Day 4

Our home improvements are officially underway!  Adventure Guy took care of the prep while the rest of us visited my family over the weekend.  I owe him on that one.

When I arrived home last night, my kitchen looked like this.

I've always wanted to clean behind the refrigerator!

I've always wanted to clean behind the refrigerator!Goodbye, wallpaper

The painters came today for the first time, and while there’s no new paint yet, this is what the kitchen and family room look like now.

Breakfast Room

Breakfast Room

Family Room

Family Room

And, even better?  The kitchen is completely covered in plastic as well.  As I said to Adventure Guy when I arrived home tonight, “Ahh, I’m so disappointed that we’re going to have to eat out for the rest of the week!”
No Cooking Allowed

No Cooking Allowed



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3 responses to “Home Makeover: Day 4

  1. Anne

    I can’t wait for the “after” pictures. I hope you will be able to handle eating out all week.

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