This Is Where I Come From

Our Part of the Piney Woods

Our Part of the Piney Woods

No matter how long I live in Suburbia, I know there will always be a part of me that thinks of my parents house as “home.”  I grew up here, living in this house from the time I was in third grade.  The tree in the picture above is just one of the many huge pines that shade the house from the hot Texas sun.  They also provide a great explanation as to why seeing pine cones or pine straw for sale always makes me laugh.  Let’s just say, I never had a shortage of either while growing up.  I still import some pine straw every spring as mulch for my azaleas.  Dad always has plenty to spare, and it makes perfect fertilizer as it breaks down.

While I never truly want to move back here–it’s too small and there’s far too much gossip in the smallish social circle I grew up in–there’s a certain peace I get from spending a few days visiting.  I honestly feel this is the first time I’ve really relaxed all summer.

Today, I slept late before going to lunch with my sister and brother-in-law.  Then I played with my nephew and Soccer Boy while my mom took the girls to do some shopping at the mall and my sister and the rest of her family attended a wedding.  The boys and I had fun playing in the drive of my parents house–the same one where I practiced my twirling routines for hours preparing for majorette tryouts and my brother and sister rode their Big Wheels and tricycles.  There’s something special about seeing the next generation enjoy some of the same pleasures we did as kids.

Once my mother returned, we took the kids across the street to my grandmother’s house for a swim.  Yes, my 90-year-old grandmother, the one who never learned how to swim, owns a pool.  She inherited it when she moved here from her own home town and purchased the house around eight years ago.  We’ve certainly gotten a lot of use out of it, though I’m sure she never imagined that pool ownership was in her future!

I’ll post some additional pictures of our afternoon.  Email me for the password if you don’t have it already. 

Tomorrow will bring the trip home and Monday the full-fledged countdown to the first day of school.  I can’t believe the new year is here!

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