A Fond Farewell

Observe…my current kitchen wallpaper.

Breakfast Room Wall

Breakfast Room Wall

Circa 1997

Circa 1997

Adventure Guy and I built this house when we moved to Suburbia.  The wonderful thing about that was that we had the opportunity to choose all the finishes and details.  I spent a long time choosing the kitchen wallpaper, and I loved the final product.

In all honesty, I still love it.  However, it also screams, “It must be the 1990s!”  So, it’s time to move on.  We’ve decided to do some updating around here, and the first step in painting the kitchen, family room, and entryway.  Well, the first step actually is having the current wallpaper stripped.  And that’s happening starting tomorrow.

I’ll keep a record of our progress here.  But if Soccer Boy had his way, we’d be decorating in an entirely different fashion.  This is what I discovered on the upper door jam of our family room when I came home from work today.  I have no idea how he managed to get them all up there!





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2 responses to “A Fond Farewell

  1. ahhh, that is so cute, its the kind of thing my boys would do.

  2. Oh yeah – 1990s – TOTALLY!! Pretty, yes. But I prefer your son’s decorating technique 🙂

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