This Makes Me Giggle


As a 1930s wife, I am

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Since a couple of my friends have reported their less-than-stellar 1930s wife scores with pride, I couldn’t resist posting the results of my quiz–not exactly what I expected going in!  It must be my “willingness to get a job” answer, though I thought that would actually work against me!

I must be trying to live up to my reputation, though, by wearing extremely lady-like shoes.

My feet are absolutely killing me after I failed to thoroughly think through my footwear choices for today.  I was generally fine at work, even though I did hike across the parking lot to check in on some professional development sessions taking place today.  But, it was schedule pick-up day for DD2 at the middle school.  After a few lines, a few flights of stairs, and a few hallway searches for the vocal music room, my toes ached.  We then followed that up with a quick trip to the mall to exchange some shorts my mother-in-law bought that were too big for Soccer Boy. 

I had to take a break and sit midway through.  DD2 and I hung out and people watched on a conveniently-located bench until I had steeled myself for further walking. Normally I would have headed home to change before all that activity, but we were meeting the rest of the family at the Japanese hibachi restaurant near the mall, so it didn’t make sense to backtrack. 

Tomorrow, however, I will definitely be wearing more sensible shoes for DD1’s school registration session, even if it does hurt my reputation!



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2 responses to “This Makes Me Giggle

  1. Oh no!!! A 70?! What are you not telling us about, hmmmm? I totally failed with a 9 and I also was willing to work. I kinda think that one took away points. Don’t tell me you greet your husband at door with full makeup, dinner on the table and a drink poured for him! ;->

  2. heidilou

    If there had been a question on that quiz about how nicely you paint your toenais, you would have scored even higher!

    Oh, wait a minute …. maybe not. Maybe in 1930 you would have been considered a “painted woman” type of hussy.

    I’m proud to say that my score on this quiz beat Christina’s. I scored a 10!

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