At Least I Didn’t Actually See Dawn Break This Weekend

So, a few months ago, I realized that social networking is too much a part of the fabric of teen social life to try to completely ban it around our house.  Instead, we chose to allow DD1 to have a Facebook page, just as long as she understood that we’d be checking in on her from time to time.  Fortunately, nothing amiss has come to light. 

However, I did happen to notice one particularly interesting button on her “flair” bulletin board.  It’s a lovely hot pink button that says, “Even my mom has read Twilight.”  Yes, I got hooked on the most recent teen drivel literary experience…the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. 

In case you missed it…the release of the latest book on Saturday (midnight on Friday?) caused a phenomenon at least reminiscent of the Harry Potter releases.  Though I will vouch that the crowd at our local book store did not come close to the level of the Potter books either in attendance or in the enthusiasm of the crowd. 

I did learn, though, that I am definitely not the only mom out there reading along with her teen.  Note to several of the other moms though–homemade fan shirts on women who are over forty?–not a good idea.  It was quite an amusing way to spend my late Friday evening though.  After I tired of watching the teens milling around and participating in the various contests and activities, I settled into a corner and browsed through a couple of the books I eventually ended up buying.  Of course, I ended up buying more than what we’d come for.  I had almost two hours to spend in a book store!

Books purchased, fancy root beer (me) and coffee (DD1) drinks consumed, and actual in person social networking completed, DD1 and I left just prior to the clock striking midnight.  Why, you ask, since that was the time the books actually went on sale?  Because we’ve learned a thing or two from our Potterexperiences.  While all those other people stood in line to purchase their previously reserved copies…we drove ourselves to our friendly local Wal-Mart where they had just rolled out a whole pallet of the books.  Which they were selling for $6 dollars less than those at the book store.  And we didn’t even have to stand in line.

With the time I saved, I was able to convince DD1 to give me first dibs on the book while she finished her re-read of the third book in the series (she’d already re-read the other two).  After all, I have to put those speed reading skills developed through majoring in English and history in college to work!  She kindly agreed (it might have had something to do with my agreeing to purchase the book myself), and I spent all weekend on my quest to turn it over to her by Sunday night.

I’ve heard that some of the teen audience is disappointed in the fourth installment.  I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it for exactly what it is, escapist young adult literature.  And I like escapist young adult literature.  I understand the allure of Edward, the main character, a “vegetarian” vampire (he drinks only animal, not human blood).  He’s dangerous, yet good all at the same time.  I also like the strong, female main character, Bella, who knows her own heart and makes decisions for herself, something a lot of teenage girls would like to do more of.  So, I’m interested to find out what DD1’s reaction to the book is once she’s finished.  I can’t wait for that to happen so I have someone to discuss it with without the worry of providing any spoilers!

And while I wait, I guess I’ll spring on taking the girls to see my other favorite young adult novel series, Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, on the big screen…the second movie opens on the 6th!



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2 responses to “At Least I Didn’t Actually See Dawn Break This Weekend

  1. I really wish that my daughter was a reader. I have bought her SO many of those teen books, but I am the only one who reads them 😦 She’d rather be on Facebook!!

  2. Tanya

    See how far behind I am? Okay, read all four books and have “The Host” on my bedstand. Part of the reason for my reading the books was the intrigue on my behalf that the story is set in my old stomping grounds of the Olympic Peninsula. I loved reading familiar names of towns and knowing exactly how things looked from buildings, to the woods, to even the Quileute inidans! I was actually rooting for Jake…

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