Totally Unpaid Endorsements

I get a lot of catalogs.  Most go pretty quickly to the great recycling beyond, but there are a few that I always drool over.  I do more wishing than buying, but I’m working on my Christmas list right now.  I like to be prepared.

First, I’m always tempted by the cool clothes at Boden.  Since they’re based in the UK, their clothes seem a bit fresh and not like something you’re likely to see everyone else wearing.  Their new fall catalog even has me tempted to buy fall sweaters, corduroy pants, and wool skirts even though the temperature outside these days is likely to be closer to 100 than 50.

Shifting gear to workout clothes–items I should be spending more time in these days–my favorite sources are Title Nine and Athleta.  I particularly like the “All That” pants line from Athleta as well as their exercise tops with built-in bras. 

And while I can spend plenty of time dreaming about how great my wardrobe would be if only I had__________ (fill in the blank), the catalog where I could really do some damage is Chinaberry.  They have wonderful books for kids, intelligent games, and a nice selection of grownup books too.  I’ll definitely be ordering from them again.  The only question is how long can I hold myself back?

So now you know all about my catalog browsing hobby…which ones do you recommend I check out?



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2 responses to “Totally Unpaid Endorsements

  1. Rachel

    I’ll put in a good word for Boden. Their styles seem a bit young for me — I’m having to come to grips with being well past the cool young mother stage — but I ordered Laura’s 5th grade graduation dress from there, and I was amazed at how quickly it arrived — from England, in a big blue envelope with “Royal Mail” stickers on it.

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