My Life Is As Good As An ABBA Song*

Do you think it says something about the general pace of my life lately that I ordered a book from Amazon last week that I read in the fall of 2007, liking it so much as to have rated it as four out of five stars? Somehow it was still in my cart when, under the influence of Mama Mia the movie, I ordered ABBA Gold. Okay, that probably says something about me too. Let’s move on.

I am hoping for a brief respite from the craziness.  At least for two weeks or so.  Tonight, at 7:30 p.m., I officially finished the huge project I’ve been working on since the first week of June.  I don’t have to do anything related to it again until August 12. 

And speaking of August 12, it’s frightening to think how close the beginning of the school year is for me.  New teachers report August 7th; all teachers are back August 11th, and the students will arrive bright and early on August 14th.  Wow!

To celebrate the end of our summer, I’m planning a quick trip to visit my parents in Texas and as much time at the pool as I can squeeze in.


*Bonus Blog points to anyone who catches the reference in the title!



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5 responses to “My Life Is As Good As An ABBA Song*

  1. I’m not certain, but I love a challenge. I’ll guess Muriel’s Wedding.

  2. heidilou


    I took myself out to see Mama Mia tonight because I’m all by myself in a hotel (away at training for work). I was listening to all the songs in the movie trying to figure out which one you’re referring to.

  3. I’m not ashamed to admit that I like ABBA!! Their music brings back good memories of the skating rink 🙂

    Thanks for delurking! What is Google Reader? I am new at this, and still have SO much to learn!

  4. [standing proud and tall] I OWN Abba Gold! I think I bought it cheap at Walmart or Sam’s years ago. In fact, I have it loaded into iTunes and on my iPhone iPod. It is part of the soundtrack of my youth.

  5. Anonymous

    You’re terrible Muriel!

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