Points? What Points?

Is it so wrong to eat a fabulous organic shortbread cookie from my favorite bread store while reading about someone else’s struggle with weight?  If the guilt I suffered while doing so is any indication, I’m guessing it must be.

Such a Pretty Fat is Jen Lancaster’s latest memoir.  I wish my life brought as many humorous moments–though many of them must only be humorous in retrospect (and in light of cashing in the book advances and royalty checks they brought with them). This time around, Lancaster chronicles her attempts to lose weight, first through Atkins and then with Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, and good old-fashioned exercise. 

After being a bit disappointed in Bright Lights, Big Ass, the second memoir in this trilogy, I’m pleased to report that Such A Pretty Fat lives up to Lancaster’s debut, Bitter is the New Black.  I found myself laughing out loud often enough for my kids to continually ask, “What?  What’s funny?” while I was reading in their presence.  And, I may even have found some motivation to get back to counting Weight Watchers points and working out more.  That is I’m sure I would have if my trainer hadn’t canceled our session on Friday!

But I am going to get motivated again.  I promise!  Just as soon as I finish that shortbread.



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2 responses to “Points? What Points?

  1. lewis1212

    Anything with “organic” before it is automatically good for you….right?


  2. Life needs fabulous cookies. It just does.

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