I am thoroughly enjoying my little “at home vacation” this week.  Summer seems to be getting away from me this year with the travel commitments I’ve had for work.  I leave again on Wednesday to present at a conference in Orlando, so my days off yesterday and today came at exactly the right time.

I know I should have outgrown this somewhere along the way, but I love to sleep in.  In fact, today my teenager actually beat me out of bed.  This would be even more embarrassing if it were not for the fact that she is setting her alarm earlier now so that it’s not such a shock for her when she has to be ready for school by 7:00 a.m. in a few weeks.  The preteen is not quite so proactive, and therefore is still asleep as I type.

Speaking of the girls, I am still mulling over new names for them now that their activities have changed since I dubbed them Dancer Girl and Gym Girl.  I appreciate the suggestions in the comments!  I like the “pet name” suggestion from Heidi Lou.  I’m wondering, though, if Wombat and Lizard adequately reflect my love for those two?  Thoughts?

My big plans for today involve taking the kids to the neighborhood pool.  They get to swim, and I get to hang out under the covered tent area and read.  Perfect!


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  1. Yes I am one of those people who loves to sleep in. Unfortunately for me that is a distant memory, although I am now very grateful to get the uninterrupted sleep back after the ‘baby days’, so I shouldn’t complain.

    Oh, and thank you for your moving advice, you are truly a source of invaluable information. Much appreciated.

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