Random Thoughts At The End of the Day

  • I’m feeling all “Martha-Stewartish” right now because I’m making chicken stock from tonight’s leftover Beer Can chicken.  I actually do that on a fairly regular basis; it’s great to have it measured out and in the freezer for use later.  But this time around, I’m using some of the fresh herbs I’m growing on the porch, which makes me strangely happy.
  • I find Hopkins the new reality show featuring Johns Hopkins hospital captivating.  It amazes me that some people will consent to being filmed in life-threatening situations.  And, actually, it surprises me that the residents want to be filmed.  I guess those fifteen minutes of fame are pretty alluring to a lot of people.
  • My dachshund, Ludwig, evidently has a pressing need for the blanket at the end of my bed to be in justthe right position in order for him to hide under it.  He’s been frantically arranging it for several minutes now.
  • I am finally taking a couple of days off from work this week, and we aren’t going on a trip.  I’m looking forward to just hanging out with the kids. 
  • Yet again, I’ve said something I thought I’d never say to my own kids.  This time it was the relatively benign, “Get those rooms cleaned up now.  The maid is coming tomorrow.”
  • I’ve got to come up with new blog names for my girls since each of them has changed activities since I named them Dancer Girl and Gym Girl.  What would be the least confusing way to do that?


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3 responses to “Random Thoughts At The End of the Day

  1. I just pulled the last container of homemade chicken stock out of my freezer. I need to make another vat of it, too. I also like that Hopkins show, and yes those 15 minutes of fame are very heady stuff!

    As for renaming the girls, it is easier to refer to them now as DD1 and DD2?

  2. heidilou

    Do you have any nicknames for your daughters that you actually call them? I actually do sometimes call my kids Princess Dolly and Monkey Boy, but not usually in public. Does that make me weird? Princess Dolly is 22 and Monkey Boy is 24. And, I call the Young Prince my baby-baby.

  3. oldbluesocks

    You could use their middle names… that might work.

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