Where Did I Put Those Chic Jeans?

I wandered into my bedroom tonight after a long meeting only to be greeted by Molly Ringwald playing a mother on television.  Now, I understand that I too am the mother of a teenager, but that doesn’t mean I want to see Samantha from Sixteen Candles doing anything but living happily ever after in teen love with Jake.

My girls pulled me out of my little 80s deja vu moment by launching into the list of things they’ve decided they need when we go school shopping.  “And can we go soon, Mom?” Because it’s July and the middle of summer here, so of course they need jeans and long sleeve shirts.

I pointed out the minor detail that it will be over 90 degrees when school starts, so shorts and short sleeve shirts would be excellent wardrobe selections.  And that’s when Gym Girl chimed in with a running commentary on her need for new jeans.

Mom, all my jeans from last year are 10 slims.  I tried them on, and they look like Mom jeans.  Seriously.  Uh, well, not that you wear Mom jeans.  Because you don’t.  Do you know what I’m talking about?  They are way narrow at the bottom and I don’t know why they are so high on my waist now.

Thrilled with this assessment of my hip jean wearing status, I said, “So you don’t want me to get some Mom jeans?”

No! Mom!  You never embarrass us with what you wear.  That only happens sometimes because of stuff you do.

Excellent.  I have to live with Molly playing the mom these days but can rest assured that I’m only an embarrassment to my children on occasion.


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  1. Darci

    I’m having trouble with the “school shopping” thought! Here in New York we have 5 more weeks until school begins so we’re only half way through our summer break! When do schools start up there?

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