Remember how I’ve complained lately–you know, feeling a bit down because I haven’t had much real relaxation this summer? Well, today I believe I took a giant step toward solving that problem.

If you’re ever in Houston, I highly recommend booking some time at the Houstonian’s Trellis spa.  I worried that I wouldn’t be able to get an appointment since I’d hesitated about booking until yesterday, but fortunately Tuesday must not be a heavy day for them.  I managed to line up a aromatherapy massage for this afternoon.

As soon as I’d gotten settled into my room at the hotel and taken advantage of the free wifi (finally, a really nice hotel without the ridiculous internet surcharge), I walked over to the spa to check in for my appointment.  The attendant took me to the changing room where my comfy robe awaited, and I was offered a warm neck wrap while I waited for my appointment.  It was heavenly, and the massage hadn’t even started.

My technician lived up to all the buildup and gave me a wonderful massage.  It almost made me wish I’d really splurged and gone for the 100 minutes rather than the 50.  The wonderful thing about the spa, though, is that things don’t end once the massage is over.  Instead, I was led into the quiet room and told I could stay as long as I’d like–on my chaise lounge with my comfy blanket in front of a lovely fire.  I don’t know how low they must have had the air conditioning set to make that feel good, but it was so relaxing!

After hanging out a while in the quiet room, I wandered back to the locker room to sit in the sauna for a bit, then showered and headed back to the hotel.  I had every intention of changing clothes and going to the Pilates class I’d selected. 

But, while I checked the brochure to find out the studio location for Pilates, something else caught my eye.  Yes–the complimentary shuttle to the Galleria.  Hmm…let me see, Pilates or NORDSTROM’S, NEIMAN’S, SAKS 5th AVENUE? I was so on that shuttle!

I’d love to report that I found fabulous bargains and came home with some great additions to my wardrobe, but alas, I mainly browsed.  I did try on a number of evening gowns that were on sale because I need one for an upcoming event in October, but nothing seemed exactly right.  I’m sure when I’m back in Suburbia, I’ll regret not picking up one of those on sale, but I also don’t want to buy something on the spur of the moment and then regret it. 

I arrived back at the hotel to find that my colleagues who are joining me had checked in to the hotel as well.  I met them for dinner and then dessert on their concierge-level floor.  I’m not sure how they managed to swing that while I’m on the regular floor.  Actually, I’m pretty sure it was their later arrival that did it.  But I’m more than willing to trade that for the afternoon I just had.  It was exactly what I’ve been needing!



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3 responses to “Spoiled

  1. heidilou

    I need an afternoon like that!

  2. oldbluesocks

    Your afternoon sounds positively heavenly!

  3. Wait, I’m coming with you!

    Sounds positively delightful. If you’re still in Houston, go back and buy one of those dresses right away.

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