I Guess That’s A Compliment

I’ve enjoyed a fabulously lazy day today after I sent in my big project yesterday afternoon.  I’ve been working on it so long, I think I’ve gotten used to that looming feeling that I “should” always be doing something else whenever I took a break.

Though I did have to wake up a bit earlier than expected due to the arrival of the crew to take down our two damaged trees in the back (ice storm in December, followed by numerous wind storms this spring=no hope of saving the pear trees), I decided to take advantage of my morning and go to the PIlates class I like.  My abs are not thanking me for that right now, but I need to get back on track after taking some time off for vacation.

This afternoon, Soccer Boy went to a birthday party, and after we dropped him off Adventure Guy and I ran some errands.  We need to do some updating around here, and this weekend was the last one of our local Parade of Homes.  We got some good ideas and definitely experienced some house envy when checking out some of the high-dollar homes!

We timed things so we could pick up Soccer Boy on our way home, and as we drove into the neighborhood, Adventure Guy pointed out a jogger with a rather interesting gait.  He said, “Yep, I’m sure that’s the way I look when I run.” 

“Oh, no, Dad!” said Soccer Boy, “You don’t look silly like that.  You run just like everybody else, only slower!”

It’s good to have kids.



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