This Is My Life

I’ve been devoting much of my time lately to a major project for work–one that officially started June 3 and must be uploaded no later than the end of the day today.

And yes, I’m almost finished.  And no, I probably shouldn’t be blogging right now, but I need a break!

This morning, I dutifully reported to the office to work my half day for the summer schedule.  The place was almost totally abandoned because only administrators work on Fridays and many take advantage of getting a full day off for only a half day’s worth of vacation time.  It’s the perfect setting for my project because there are no phone calls and no children asking questions!

When I loaded my project up from my flash drive, though, I found that the file had been corrupted.  This would have been cause for major panic if I didn’t know I’d backed up to my laptop’s hard drive last night. (Someone was watching over me!) I decided this turn of events was clearly a sign that I should work from home today.

So now, I’ve made some progress on that seemingly never-ending pile of camp laundry.  Here’s the proof, some of the many piles that have been folded over the last two days!


And, even better, I have help with my work!


Okay, enough procrastination.  I’m hoping to finish with this in time to take the kids to see a matinee showing of Wall-E!


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