A Clean Sweep

Picking up kids at camp takes stamina.  From Monday afternoon until noon today, we had one type of activity or another to keep up busy. And did I mention that it’s hot and steamy in Missouri this time of year? 

But it was worth all the sun and sweat as well as the stair climbing endurance tests and long drives on dark mountain roads to see my kids literally glow with excitement as they ran to greet us.



That’s Dancer Girl right after she saw that her dad had arrived from being with the younger two kids earlier in the day.  She literally ran up that big hill to hug him.  Right before that, she’d done the zip line you see in the background.  From all that, you can tell that her back and neck are just fine, despite our earlier scare.

The challenge with camp closings is that our kids are at two different camps because of their ages.  Plus, the two at the same camp are different genders, meaning different activities at the same time. 

On Tuesday, I attended Gym Girl’s swim meet while Adventure Guy went to Soccer Boy’s track meet.  They both did great, each taking a first and second place finish in their two events.  I kid Adventure Guy at times about his being a “joiner.”  When the offer came out over the loudspeaker for parents to join in the cross country portion of the track meet, I knew it was all over.  Observe, Adventure Guy and Soccer Boy coming in to the finish together!


After lunch, we had to split up entirely so that Adventure Guy could go to the cabin awards for the younger two while I attended the competitions and specialty shows for Dancer Girl.

I hitched a ride with our friends who also have older kids, and we arrived in time for me to see Dancer Girl take first place in both of her swim relays.  She swam fly in one and breast in the other.  It was fun seeing her swim again–it brought back our old swim team days!  Then, I got to watch the zip line demo, which was super cool (not as cool as her excitement upon seeing her dad, but pretty cool, nonetheless).



Adventure Guy arrived at the closing ceremonies in time for awards, and we attended family vespers together before winding our way back to the cabins.  And, near midnight, we actually had everything packed and loaded to leave this morning.

And this morning started bright and early at 6:30 a.m., just in time to make it to the boy’s side of the younger kids’ camp to find out if Soccer Boy’s tribe triumphed this term.  Each term, the two “tribes” have competitions–wrestling for boys, basketball, swim meet, track meet, and “stunt” or skit for girls all count toward tribal points as do the campers’ accomplishments on a variety of tasks called K-work.  Essentially, the K-work involves meeting certain levels of performance on the activities around camp like archery, canoeing, diving, and gymnastics. 

When we arrived, we soon learned that Soccer Boy’s tribe, the Choctaws won the term.  Here’s a picture from the flag raising ceremony.


The boys awards ceremony followed, then we adjourned to the girls’ side where we learned that Gym Girl’s tribe, the Kickapoos, also won.  The points she earned for her tribe by achieving the “Big K” level on K-work likely contributed quite a bit, so we’re proud!


With all the closings and awards complete for the younger kids, we once again made the 45-minute drive to pick up the waiting Dancer Girl, strap on yet another duffle bag and trunk to the mighty Suburban Suburban, and head home. 

Dancer Girl happily told us that her tribe (she’s a Kickapoo, too; it’s a legacy system), also won at the high school camp.  A clean sweep for the family this term!

And speaking of clean sweeps…here’s what I’ve been working on ever since we arrived home!




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  1. oldbluesocks

    That’s a lot of laundry!!!

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