So, Adventure Guy bought a Wii to eliminate any change of my seeing him for the foreseeable future unless I play video games  for the kids.  Granted, Soccer Boy did decide to use his birthday money to buy a system and had been on the lookout for one before he left for camp.  But, Adventure Guy located one last week and promptly bought it.  He hooked it up last night.

For the record, let it be known that in the very first Wii game Adventure Guy and I played, I came out the victor.  This is an unusual turn of events for Adventure Guy, so he promptly challenged me to other games so that he could win.  In the end, I am the golf and bowling champion of the household, while he reigns as tennis and baseball champ.  We’re afraid of what will happen to that when the kids come home.

They are going to be so excited, seeing how they have been so underprivileged for the last few years, having only a Playstation 2.  I am hoping that I remain excited, seeing how Adventure Guy also bought the Wii version of Zelda.  This brought rather unpleasant flashbacks to our first year of marriage, when he once played Zelda for 14 straight hours on our only television. 

From all the reviews I heard, I also really need to pick up the Wii fit program.  That’s definitely on my list to do, just as soon as I can tear Adventure Guy away from the console–you know, the one he bought for the kids!



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2 responses to “Wii-rific

  1. Rachel

    Where did you find your Wii? DH seems surprisingly open to Laura’s pleas for a Wii…

    I have to admit I have no one but myself to blame for this development. Laura was introduced to a Wii at a friend’s house — not a friend of hers, a friend of mine.

  2. I snagged a Wii for my son this past Christmas. I haven’t found any time to play, but I’m sure I would quickly become addicted.

    I was also a Zelda fanatic, playing hours upon hours until I conquered the game…way back on the old school Nintendo gaming system.

    Yeh, the Wii fit sounds neat. Hula-hooping…I could dig on that. I know this blubbery mid-section needs it.

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