June Retrospective

I’m finding it quite interesting to review my blog entries from last June.  Tonight, just as I prepared to complain about how June shouldn’t be so busy with school out and the kids at camp, I realized I’d already “been there, done that” last year.  The only thing that’s changed?  Last year I was complaining about having to attend the administrators’ retreat; this year as part of my new job, I planned and coordinated it!

I also note that I already had in mind needed updates for our family room and kitchen.  We’ve been enjoying the new family room furniture we purchased last June, but Adventure Guy succeeded in holding me off on the other things for a full year.  I’m impressed!  However, he isn’t going to make it through this summer without home improvements.  We’ve looked at carpet, and we currently have three nice sample chunks of granite sitting on our kitchen counter.  Better yet, we actually agree on which one we like best, and the guy is coming out to measure so he can do an estimate next Friday.  Operation Update is about to commence!

Last June also began my breast screening saga, which literally just ended a couple of months ago.  I’m scheduled for my yearly mammogram on Tuesday, so there’s a bit of deja vu.  At least now I know they have plenty of baseline data for comparison if the first films look a bit off!

But most of all, the thread that runs through my June posts is longing to see my kids.  As much as I enjoy aspects of the break from our daily parenting duties, by this point in the session, I’m always ready to have everyone home again.  We’ll leave for our annual prior to camp pick up tripto the lake with friends a week from Saturday, so our empty nest days at home are dwindling fast.  In know that June 23rd, the first opportunity we have to see the kids again, isn’t as far away as it seems right now, so until then I’ll console myself with daily searches for online photos and eager trips to the mailbox in hope of letters. 

And next year, I’ll try to remember just how busy June is likely to be!


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