A to Z Me

This is perfect for yet another “jury duty day.”  I took this from Choff5 who took it from MLL who took it from lots of other people.

The ABCs and XYZs of me

Accent: East Texas that’s been moderated a bit from being away for over ten years now.

Bra size: Do I want to put this on the Internet?  No.  But it involves more than one letter. 🙂

Chore I hate: Cleaning out the refrigerator.

Dad’s name: Franklyn

Essential make-up: Mascara

Favorite perfume: I quit wearing perfume on a regular basis back when I taught 9th grade.  My students wore plenty of it for all of us.  If I’m going out, I wear my most recent favorite, Delicious.

Gold or Silver: Gold

Hometown: Small town in Northeast Texas

Interesting fact: In high school, I lettered in typing.  Comes in handy now, doesn’t it? 

Job title: Assistant Superintendent

Kids: 2girls, one boy

Living arrangements: Married with children

Mom’s Birthplace: central Texas

Number of apples eaten in last week: 1

Overnight hospital stays: 1 in first grade to have a Baker’s cyst removed from behind my knee, three for having my children

Phobia: enclosed spaces

Question you ask yourself a lot.  When will things slow down?

Religious affiliation: Methodist, but I miss the Episcopal services I grew up with a lot.

Siblings: one brother, one sister

Time I wake up: workdays, 6:45, weekends as late as possible

Unnatural hair color: I used to highlight my hair in the summer occasionally, but my hair is pretty natural now save for the Paul Frieda hair glaze I use here and there.

Vegetable I refuse to eat: brussel sprouts

Worst habit: picking/chewing on my cuticles with periodic nail biting relapses

X-rays: mammogram

Zodiac sign: Pisces


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