Gone, Babies, Gone

The bus above followed another bus out of a local parking lot this morning.  Dancer Girl was aboard bus number two, while Gym Girl and Soccer Boy rode bus number one.  They are off to camp, which they’ve been looking forward to literally for months.  Dancer Girl will be here, while the younger two will be here.  It’s the second year that all three will attend for the full-term, so, yes, Adventure Guy and I are all on our own until June 25!

And how did Adventure Guy and I celebrate our new empty-nest status?  By sitting around in the dark for a few hours.  Though you might imagine from the photo that the kids left very early in the morning, they actually pulled out around 10:45 a.m.–in the midst of a big thunderstorm.  As we drove home, the traffic lights at the first major intersection we reached went out.  We congratulated ourselves on our luck in still having power when we arrived home, only to lose it about ten minutes later.  The power stayed off until almost 3:00 p.m. 

Fortunately, the skies cleared up ahead of the power restoration, so we simply went out for lunch then managed to relax and enjoy some reading time using the light coming in from the windows.  The only real casualty?  The second of our back yard pear trees–the one we had just decided not to cut down though it had some damage from the December ice storm.  A huge portion of it is now lying on top of our swing set, so Adventure Guy called the arborist back and said, “Remember how I said only to cut down the tree on the right?  Well, now we need the one on the left taken out too.”  I guess we should be thankful it happened now rather than after they’d already been here.

Now that the power is back on, I’m catching up on my blog reading and tv viewing.  And, it’s nice to know that the buses likely arrived at camp around two hours ago.  Meaning that all three kids are already having a blast meeting their new counselors and reconnecting with their friends from previous years.  Now, I just can’t wait until the first pictures are online so I can see that fun for myself!



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2 responses to “Gone, Babies, Gone

  1. Does that mean that the schools are now finished for the year? Over here they don’t finish until July 23rd.

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