18 Hours To Spare

My three children are officially prepared for camp.  They’ll be getting on the bus tomorrow morning along with their trunks, duffels, and other assorted paraphernalia.  I will admit it gets a bit easier every year, especially since we have all the basics like towels, sheets, blankets, and sleeping bags from previous years.  It was not at all easy six years ago when Dancer Girl went to camp for the first time, and we had to start from scratch.  Another plus is the fact that the girls did their own labeling and packing.

I do want to know, however, how we can possibly need all 16 pairs of socks that are required for each child to be purchased new every summer.  That’s 48 pairs of socks that have mysteriously disappeared since last July.  Maybe there’s more to that “sock monster” thing than I’ve previously believed. 

Since the girls had worked on their packing before they left for the trip to Dallas with my parents, they only had a few things to finish up when they got home last night.  I on the other hand had done nothing toward getting Soccer Boy packed, so I worked on that, discovering in the process that, of course, I needed to do some more laundry to have all of his things ready to go.  I wrapped that up today, and the girls and I made one last run to the mall in search of a skirt Dancer Girl needed for one of the camp parties.

With that quest complete, and with a nice little detour to Sephora to reward myself for my hard work, I can now officially say they are all packed! 


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