Maybe I’m Not A Team Player

For the last two nights, I’ve attended leadership training for next year’s Junior League committee chairs and Board members. The president elect put a lot of time and planning into the event, and everything went smoothly.  Objectively, it was good training, and it was my first opportunity to really meet with all of the committee chairs I will be working with next year.  But…of course, there’s a ‘but!”

Last night the bulk of the agenda involved “team building” exercises led by two outside facilitators.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been through numerous activities of this type, but I am done with trying to pretend that these “challenges” are meaningful.  We started with the typical “tell something that’s a little known fact about yourself” thing.  Not bad, and somewhat amusing, but, get this, one of the facilitators used as her little known item the fact that she develops a “hickish” accent every time she goes back to visit her relatives in a certain small Texas town.  What small Texas town you might ask?  Oh, yes.  That would be my hometown.  Even worse?  I was not the only one in the room who has relatives there–a “little known fact” we promptly shared with her.  She did have the good graces to look embarrassed!  We’re far enough away and it’s a small enough town that I’m sure she never imagined there’d by people in the room who grew up there.

After the introductions, we then spent two more hours on various activities, meaning I didn’t make it home until after 9 o’clock.  Tonight’s session went even a bit longer, and then I had to run by and pick up Dancer Girl’s summer reading book that arrived at Border’s.  She needs it before she leaves for camp, and we’ve got tons of other stuff to take care of between now and Sunday morning when she gets on the bus.

That’s all a really long way of saying, I’m tired and a bit cranky, and I’m ready for the weekend!  Except that the weekend may be just as crazy as the week, so then I’ll be ready for the work week.  Except that, wait, I have jury duty next week.  Don’t you wish you were me?


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