Adventure Guy Needs You

Lacking a blog of his own with which to solicit help from cyberspace, Adventure Guy figured some of my readers might be willing and/or able to help him out with his current dilemma.

I’ve mentioned before that Adventure Guy is on a mission to run a marathon in all 50 states before he turns 50.  He’s well on his way, having run in 10 states plus Washington, D. C. so far.  Since he’s got another eight years to meet the goal, the race schedule is not the problem.

Observe Adventure Guy’s current storage method for his medals.  So far, he’s got 14 of them, having run in a couple of states more than once.


Yes, that’s all the medals just piled on the top of his dresser.  He’d like some ideas for displaying them. I’ve been envisioning something nice in the game room to show off his accomplishments, but I haven’t come up with a great idea yet.

So, all of you creative people out there…what should we do?  Feel free to link to ideas in the comments!



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4 responses to “Adventure Guy Needs You

  1. ramblingmom

    Do you read I’m an Organizing Junkie?? I haven’t seen any solutions there, but I do believe that on occasion she’ll post a request for ideas. This seems like an idea that might benefit from many minds.

  2. I’m thinking of something like a cross between a shadow box and a corkboard. Something with 50+ divisions in which you can store these medals. Each medal would be displayed by state, with just a piece of the ribbon showing.

    Does that help?

  3. k4mom

    I think Alto has it here. I love the shadow box idea. Maybe tie in a small image of the state (like from a cheap jigsaw puzzle of the US?? and a picture of him from the day of the race? You make such great scrap books, I am sure you could come up with a great background for it.

  4. ramblingmom

    OR — you get a corkboard and put that on the wall. On that you put a HUGE US map that’s been laminated. Then you can pin each metal onto the state that the race was held in. You might have to have metals hanging below states – cause of all those teeny states out east — but luckily you can use enough ribbon to hang them in the middle of that conveniently placed ocean.

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