Let the season begin

It’s not yet officially summer in my world.  No, that starts May 23rd when I finish riding the last school bus route of the year–yes, at All-American Public Schools an administrator rides the bus with the kids on the last day. Hrmph…a highlight of my year.

But I digress.  While school may not yet be out, I have officially declared it to be summer reading season.  As you can probably tell from my What I’m Reading category, I read a lot all through the year, but summer kicks it up a notch since I tend to have a bit more vacation time as well as a lighter schedule in June when the kids are at camp.

I’ll admit to being a bit concerned, however, that the work commitment I’ve been in training for this week may be cutting into that reading time this summer.  The solution?  Start early.


I picked up my first read for this trip at Border’s before I left.  I wanted a paperback to take along on the plane.  I’d seen Bitter Is The New Black, Jen Lancaster’s tale about her experiences during a two-year period of being laid off, before but wasn’t quite ready to read it until now.  I couldn’t imagine what would be entertaining about the topic–especially since I just now feel like we’re digging out from Adventure Guy being laid off in 2003.  I can’t even imagine a 2-year period in which both he and I lost our jobs.  Lancaster, however, makes it all seem rather adventurous, and she’s nothing if not funny.  I whipped through the book much faster than I expected, and I’ll probably be picking up her other two books as well.  For more, check out the site where it all started

Having exhausted my preplanned reading material but not my traveling time, I managed to slip into a book store on the way back from dinner last night.  As luck would have it, Emily Giffin’s new book, Love The One You’re With was there waiting for me.  I’d looked for this one on my pre-trip book buying spree, but it hadn’t been released yet. 

Giffin wrote Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and Baby Proof, all of which I’ve enjoyed.  As in these books, I enjoyed her character development, and the plot sucked me right in–so much so that I finished the book last night.  I have the dark circles under my eyes to prove it! 

love Love The One You’re With starts with a chance encounter between the recently-married main character and her ex-boyfriend, “the one who got away.”  Pick this one up to read by the pool.  I wasn’t sure exactly how the story would end until the last few pages–which explains why I just couldn’t make myself put it down last night.

Since I’m flying again today and have a fairly long layover, I might just have another update for you soon.  But for now, I need to get some work done!



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2 responses to “Let the season begin

  1. choff5

    Thanks for the book ideas. I also have each year a summer reading list as that’s when I have the time for the pleasure reading. Unfortunately my summer doesn’t start until June 17, our last day of school. We just stand outside and all wave a final farewell to the kiddos as they ride off in the distance in the big yellow buses, then cheer like crazy as they dissappear around the turn.

  2. Nice blog… auto linked to my post on beach reads and summer reading. Now that we’re in the midst of summer… just curious as to what your reading list is … Also, wouldn’t you read these titles other times of the year too?

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