The Other Side Of The Fence

Back when telecom was good, really good, Adventure Guy travelled constantly–jetting off on seemingly glamorous trips that took him from one coast to the other on a weekly basis.  And me?  I had not quite so glamorous a gig–balancing work as a high school principal with caring for three young kids.  Adventure Guy told me then that it wasn’t quite as fun or interesting as it looked.  But I would have given anything then for a week in a hotel ALONE. 

Fast forward five years, and now I travel more than he does for work.  Granted, I don’t come close to his previous schedule (thankfully!), but I’ve been away for two weeks in the last four.  In April, I presented at a conference, and this week I’m taking a training course.  While I’ll admit to enjoying my nice comfy bed, made daily by someone else, I miss my family, and I am so happy I don’t have another trip scheduled until July!

While I’ve been gone, Dancer Girl got her braces off, Soccer Boy moved up a level in Boy Scouts, Gym Girl attended her last gymnastics team banquet, and even Ludwig had a big night when he got to go to church for the blessing of the animals this evening!  And, this was supposed to be a low-key week.  Fortunately, Adventure Guy has things well under control.  I know the kids are in good hands.  Right now I just wish those hands were mine.


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One response to “The Other Side Of The Fence

  1. it’s hard to be the one not at home.

    although I’d like to be the one not at home just once.

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