Are You My Mother?

Adalex72 over at The Glass Jar tagged me for a meme–and a quite challenging one at that.  I’m supposed to write my “six word memoir.”  And, it got me thinking…how would I like my family to think of me, to describe me, many years from now? 

This past weekend, I had the honor of attending my grandmother’s 90th birthday party.  Every one of her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren made it–a feat in itself.  And we’ve done a nice job of reproducing.  Her two daughters gave her six grandchildren, who in turn have given her eleven great-grandchildren so far, with two more scheduled to arrive this fall.  On Saturday, we visited with all the extended family, caught up with some old friends, many of whom drove several hours to attend the party, and told stories about a grandmother who made life special for us. 

The stories brought to light the differences between her life and mine.  Though, unlike most of the other mothers on the street, she worked outside the home (okay, so that’s not a difference!), my grandmother still made time to stop by for coffee with her friends every afternoon when she finished teaching school–a tradition that lived on well past her retirement and one I got to partake in myself when I came to visit while growing up. At Saturday’s party, the “kids,” AKA my mother, aunt, and the children of my grandmother’s best friend, reminisced about the days when they build clubhouses in the woods and ran the streets of their neighborhood protecting their “territory.”  It all sounds so innocent in comparison to the hectic lives my children and I live today.

Beautiful, funny, adventurous, loving–with those thoughts of all the wonderful things people said about my grandmother swirling around in my head, I have to wonder how people will describe me in another 50 years.  How will my kids describe me when they themselves are grandparents?  I hope it’s like this…

present, loving, smart, ambitious, kind…mother.







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