Digging Out


Just like my dachshund, Ludwig, I’d like to bury my head under the covers right now. However, I don’t have time. 

We pulled in from visiting my family in Texas at about 7:15 tonight, and I’ve been madly working to complete the “pre-work” for training I’ll be attending this week ever since.  I’d like to say that my last-minute rush had nothing to do with procrastination, but I’ll admit that was a bit of the problem.  The main problem, though, is that I’ve been running non-stop at work and at home for the last two months, and it’s been hard to fit in the additional 40 hours of work required for this project.

I’m off to pack now. I’ve got several blog posts floating around in my head.  More to come on those later.  I just wanted to assure everyone that I am indeed still here, and we were not blown away by the inclement weather experienced near Suburbia over the weekend!


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  1. adalex72

    I have tagged you to post a memoir meme. Check out my blog if you want to play.

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