Going Out On Top



See those medals in the picture?  All five of them? That’s Gym Girl’s haul from the State Meet last night–one for finishing first in each and every event for her age division, plus one for best all around.  To add even more of a positive spin to her last meet, her team took the championship as well.


As happy as she was about her performance last night–and she was absolutely beautiful on both beam and floor–Gym Girl remains resolute about her decision not to try out for next year’s team.  And don’t think I didn’t give convincing her to continue another try now that she’s the reigning state champion.  No luck.  Which tells me that she’s really sure and that I need to move on. 


And I’m working on that; I really am, but until then check out the pictures of my champion!



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3 responses to “Going Out On Top

  1. Congratulations to Gym Girl!! Way to go out truly on TOP. Fantastic.

    And hey, if you figure out how to move on, remember it so that you can tell me what to do if/when SportsBoy drops HIS sports!!

  2. ramblingmom

    Remember Michael Jordan? He went out when he was on top (in 1993). (And then he came back a few years later and went out when he was on top again). Hmmmm perhaps Gym Girl will take her hiatus and make a movie with Bugs Bunny?

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