This Is Just To Say

I established a love/hate relationship with the poems of William Carlos Williams–did his parents resent him at birth or something to give him that name–back in college when I had to explicate his The Red Wheelbarrow and then received an A for it.  But tonight, my feelings shifted much more toward the “love” side of the spectrum as I listened to a hilarious segment about Williams’ poem This Is Just To Say on This American Life. 

I have eaten the plums

that were in the icebox

and which

you were probably


for breakfast

Forgive me

they were delicious

so sweet

and so cold

On the segment, frequent contributors to This American Life shared their spoofs on the above poem.  Something is up (or actually, not up) with the speakers on my laptop, so I can’t relisten to the segment.  Otherwise, I’d share some examples.  I do highly recommend you take a listen though. 

I think it would be fun to see how creative my bloggy friends are these days.  Care to share your own spoof of This Is Just To Say?  If so, either leave it in the comments or send me a link.  I’ll update this post to send people your way.

And now I leave you with the “parenting a teenageer” version of This Is Just To Say.

I have dried

the shirt

made of 100% cotton

that was on your floor

and which

you were probably


to air dry

Forgive me

if you had sorted

your own laundry

it would not be

so short

and so small


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  1. I love that poem – and I love your take on it. I’ll have to remember that next time I shrink my own clothes (I have no excuse, I’m just not that good at reading the labels).

  2. This is just to say
    I have painted over
    the flamingo and calamine lotion pink stripes
    which you left
    on the walls
    of the kitchen
    when you sold us your home.

    You probably loved them.
    So many hours of careful planning and measuring,
    so many feet of masking tape,
    so many perfect three inch stripes–all gone.

    Forgive me
    they were hideous.

  3. monicas dad

    This is just to say
    I have consumed
    natures gifts
    which you probably
    for your children
    forgive me
    oil s cheap
    forests old
    sky wide
    just one butt

  4. Agreed – that was an awesome segment on This American Life. If only the whole thing could have been about William Carlos Williams…that cryonics story gave me the creeps. My favorite of the spoofs that were read was this one by Kenneth Koch:

    Last evening
    we went dancing
    and I broke your leg

    Forgive me
    I was clumsy and

    I wanted you here
    in the wards
    where I am the doctor

  5. Revised the first cause it had a couple errors (sorry, I tried to delete it but couldn’t. maybe you can) and I wrote two more at work today. It’s so neat to know that someone else heard “Mistakes Were Made” and felt as giddy as I did to write their own spoofs. Love This American Life!


    This is just to say

    I have written the details

    of our love affair in poems
which I have read in public

    and am looking to publish
the details which

    you were probably
to take to your grave

    for your pleas to St. Peter

    to tell how someone good once love you

    Forgive me
our love was beautiful and epic

    so sweet
and so cold

    This is just to say

    I have wrecked the station wagon
    which you so generously lent me
    and which
    you were probably
    to sell for cash
    Forgive me
    I am not much for being aware of things around me
    and the car stopped
    so suddenly
    and I was on my cell

    This is just to say

    I have lost my virginity
    which I was born of your womb
    to cherish and preserve
    and which
    I probably should have been
    for a boy you approved of
    or at least didn’t despise
    Forgive me
    it was AMAZING
    so perfect
    so there!

  6. This is just to say…

    When I ordered
    the invasion
    I knew you had no
    weapons program

    but we had
    so many troops
    and such sweet
    expensive toys

    Forgive me
    I didn’t know another way
    to seem like
    a leader

  7. girl

    This is just to say…

    I never intend
    To sleep
    With you.

    I know you
    Expect it
    To happen soon.

    Forgive me,
    Your bed
    Is so convenient,

    When I have
    Had too much
    To drink.

    • brains and beauty

      this is so funny i wounder if it happened to you i think that you did a great job you are so funny. here is mine..
      this is just to say
      i burned the house
      which i think you may not like because it had value
      i was bored and wanted to redecorate
      forgive me but your house looked better with flames
      it last a little bit of time but it was worth it

  8. Mandy

    After listening to this episode of This American Life as a podcast at work, and then cruising around the internet reading a variety of spoofs, this seemed a very natural and honest addition to this burgeoning genre.

    This is just to say…

    I have squandered
    all of the
    billable hours
    budgeted for this project

    and which
    you were probably
    to be paid for

    Forgive me
    the internet is fascinating
    so extensive
    and so much more interesting

  9. Dixon

    This is Just to Say

    I cleaned
    the toilet
    with your

    which you probably
    to be sanitary
    in the morning

    Forgive me
    it worked great
    so pink
    and so stiff

  10. kate

    so pink and so stiff!

    inspired. thank you so much for that.

  11. Fabulous poem…

    I have left
    my mind
    at the office
    next to my computer

    but you want me
    to decide
    what I will cook
    for dinner

    I have
    three words for you
    dial and dine

  12. mike

    this is just to say…

    I have followed in your footprints for years
    the ones you were probably
    saving for your children

    Forgive me

    your steps were so sure
    so strong

  13. readersguide

    This is hilarious. I have nothing to contribute, but I just wanedt to say …

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  15. Alas, this one is true and from the recent past:

    This is just to say
    I have run over your bicycle
    that was in the garage
    and which you were probably
    to ride with your friends
    Forgive me
    but if you had put it away
    like I asked you to six times
    it would not now be
    so flat
    and so broken

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  18. readersguide

    Now I’ve written one, too:

    Here’s mine:

    This is just to say
    I have taken
    the hats
    that were on
    the shelf

    and which
    you were probably saving
    for the summer

    Forgive me
    they were lovely
    so bright
    and so voluminous

  19. Great to see these collected! I wonder how many spoofs that episode of TAL ends up inspiring? Here’s mine:

    I debunked
    the fallacies
    that you left in
    my inbox

    and which
    you were probably
    as gospel

    Forgive me
    they were obnoxious
    so ignorant
    and so cold

  20. So great. Come post some more over here

  21. bakey

    I have been trying to forget our entire history together.
    From the time you burned your finger on the cigarette lighter in my Datsun to the point where we stood at the ferry waiting to say goodbye while we shared an instant hot chocolate.

    Forgive me.
    I know it was only a week, and I got mad at you for being vegan, but you looked way too thin, and my family fortune comes from sausages.

  22. I left the window open

    last night
    and let the cool air creep
    into our cacoon
    of hot breath and sweat

    and yes, I saw
    your sleeping hands search out
    our faded white comforter,
    but I couldn’t sleep

    and had kicked the covers
    onto the floor
    to let the fresh breeze
    tickle you awake.

    Forgive me.

  23. This is just to say …

    I’m sorry for the words
    that made you
    the door

    I did not
    mean them
    and you lost
    your damage deposit

    forgive me
    but revenge is so sweet
    so delicious
    and best served cold

  24. This is Just to Say

    I didn’t mean
    to crash
    your car

    But it went
    so fast
    and I was racing
    a truck

    If only you’d switched to Geico
    you could have
    had your car fixed

  25. Angela

    oops…I sent before finishing

    This is just to say
    I may have just poured regular in your decaf cup
    or maybe not

    Think of me at two
    if only you weren’t so rude,
    and ugly.

    Forgive me
    it was so tempting
    and hot
    and strong.

  26. Pete

    This is just to say
    I won’t be
    for dinner

    There was
    a happy hour
    and I drank
    too much

    Forgive me
    I hate
    my job and
    your cooking

  27. Renee

    Just listened to the TAL podcast today. Composed my own poem and then found your blog. Thought I’d add mine to the mix.

    This is just to say
    I have read all
    the mail
    that was in
    your inbox

    and which
    you were probably
    were private

    Forgive me
    they were so tempting
    and your
    password known

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  29. carolyn

    Here’s my attempt:

    I called
    your new husband
    by the name
    of your old boyfriend.

    The one
    We thought
    Marry you.

    Forgive me.
    He was familiar
    So jolly
    And easy talk to.

  30. ß

    This Is Just To Say

    I am in love with Ed
    He was once yours
    and you probably
    he always
    would be.
    Forgive me
    he is amazing
    so sweet
    and so good

    (no, I didn’t go stealing him out from under her!)

  31. Here are the two I came up with, which I posted to my blog:

    This is just to say

    We made sweet love
    Last night
    After the meal
    And the bar

    We agreed to not
    Our passions

    Forgive me
    It was amazing
    So zealous
    And carnal

    This is just to say

    I have flirted
    With him –
    Your husband,
    And your love

    And whom
    You were probably
    For at home

    Forgive me
    He is handsome
    And I
    So youthful

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  33. Steve Faires

    Forgive me
    for leaving the plums
    from my science project
    in the icebox.

    You probably
    thought that
    I was saving them
    for breakfast.

    The trash can
    was so far away
    and I
    was so tired.

  34. Zombie

    dude where did my post go?

  35. This is just to say, Mom…

    I’ve told the story
    More than once
    To so many

    You probably felt justified
    In serving papers
    By way of limo driver
    To my father
    At our wedding

    Forgive me
    But the joy felt
    Through the terror seen
    In the faces of those told
    Is immeasurable

  36. I listened to the podcast of TAL’s show and I realized that this poem lends itself beautifully as a “Mad Lib.” Bear with me – I don’t have HTML skills.

    This is just to say
    I have [verb, past tense]
    the [noun]
    that were
    [prepositional phrase]

    and which
    you were probably
    for [noun]

    Forgive me
    they were [adjective]
    so [adjective]
    and so [adjective]

  37. kate

    This is just to say
    I have left
    the greasy chicken pan
    that was in the sink
    which you were
    probably saving for me
    because you’re a vegetarian

    Forgive me.
    I was laughing
    so careless
    and cold.

  38. mike

    Here’s another attempt, for Dilbert and “The Fonz”

    This is just to say…
    I have smitten your computer with
    my fist, smashing the circuitry,
    crumpling the hard drive and
    fracturing the pixelated splendor of your
    nineteen inch monitor

    I assume you were saving it
    for grad school, or something literate, trendy and
    genial…and here my hand so callously broken

    forgive me

    the laptop, like the piano is such
    a delicate instrument
    so black and
    so white.

  39. Carolyn,

    I gave this to my kids as a Mad Lib and here they are:

    This is just to say…
    I have upchucked
    the sheep
    that were in
    the jar

    and which
    you were stupidly
    for laundry

    Roll me
    they were scruffy
    so dirty
    and so yellow


    This is just to say…
    I have blew up
    the jellyfish
    that were in
    the couch

    and which
    you were impatiently
    for school

    Kick me
    they were bumpy
    so smooth
    and so bright

  40. I have jammed on the brakes
    which forced you to do the same
    since you were driving
    two feet
    behind me
    Forgive me
    you probably thought
    you could get there faster
    than I am driving

  41. I have shredded the photos

    that were in the back of your drawer

    and which you were probably


    to remember your beautiful ex girlfriend

    Forgive me

    they were so flat

    and old

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  43. Annie

    Here’s my version… sadly based in truth:

    I kissed you
    after the Cabaret
    and allowed you to believe
    that it meant something

    Forgive me
    the wine had made me heady
    and the fresh sting from my
    last relationship made me
    and you were so comfortable
    so willing

    you were probably thinking
    that this was your moment
    and that I would fall in love
    as you had

    understand why I don’t wish
    to speak to you anymore

  44. Matto

    I realize now

    that I shouldn’t have come to your home uninvited.

    Forgive me.

    you may not have known

    how much I love you

    but you know damn well

    there is nowhere else

    to hide the body

  45. Marcus

    This is just to say

    I met some friends at Chili’s

    And upon exiting my parking space

    My parent’s Buick Electra Estate Wagon

    (Deep sea metallic Blue with fake wood grain adhesive)

    Left some Blue paint on your red pickup truck.

    Forgive me.

    You really shouldn’t have parked so close.

    I was only 17, and not the best driver.

    And your truck wasn’t that nice,

    So you probably didn’t notice.

    Even if you did, you probably dealt with it just fine.

  46. Nick P.

    This is Just to Say

    I burnt your wedding dress
    that you wore
    on the best day of your life

    I wanted something to burn
    For I am a pyro-maniac
    and i got a new lighter

    Forgive me it was
    just so white
    So flammable

  47. I was listening to everything you said,
    although I have no idea.
    It’s fair to say I got distracted
    with it’s one simple button,
    it’s everything I need.
    I must admit,
    I wrote this on my iPhone,
    while you were talking.

  48. AnyBean


    I’m sorry I kicked you
    in the face.
    But there you were
    on the floor
    and I couldn’t get by easily.
    You with your retriever hip
    that expensive pills don’t quite cure.
    But we adopted you old.
    Out of pity.

    • Rain


      This is just to say
      I finally read your post today.
      Forgive me.
      But to my dismay
      Time just seemed to slip away.
      It wouldn’t stop!
      With the gods I hold no sway.

    • Brad

      ur horrible to treat a creature that way

      • AnyBean

        Good Grace

        I tried to avoid kicking the dog in the head

        but she loves me

        so much

        that she looks up

        when I step across

        because I give her food

        and scratch her fur

        and talk stupid

        and took her home

        before they

        (you know)

        because she is

        so old.

  49. Anonymous

    This is Just To Say

    I did not warm the personal lubricant

    Which was cold as an icebox

    as you probably


    Forgive me

    You were delicious

    I was so hot

    And it, so cold

    • Anonymous

      This is just to say

      I was going to ignore
      your declaration of love
      when it leapt from your mouth
      in the blue light of passion.

      You must forgive
      my impatience
      with your explanation,
      but your divorce is not cold,

      And my heart is too hot
      to be bothered
      when I am only
      using you for sex.

  50. Anonymous

    This is just to say
    I needed a way out of this place and time that feels so wrong

    forgive me for being tired and hopeless
    as I put the gun to my head and disappear

    the peace that follows is so quiet,
    so enveloping,
    so cold

  51. Lonnie

    Forgive me for finding us together
    Your boyfriend and I

    I was almost relieved when you burst in
    I thought now she knows, for sure

    She will know that he’s no good
    for sleeping with me, her daughter

    But you were so angry with me, instead
    like it was my fault
    like I seduced him
    when I had no choice

    but in a way it was like you were treating me like a big girl
    like a grownup
    like I had made the decision
    for you to be cheated on

    I felt so grown up

  52. G

    wondering why mine was deleted? censored site?

  53. Justin

    I heard this segment today on this american life. Was this originally aired a year ago ?


    • LSM

      I wrote the post the evening that I heard the segment, so it was around a year ago. I didn’t catch the rerun, but I’d guessed something was up from the increased traffic on this post. It’s still one of my favorites.

    • Lonnie

      Yes, around a year ago. The This American Life website can give you the exact date of the original airing, if you’re interested.

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  55. Say What Again

    I have packed your body

    that was entrusted to me

    and which you probably wanted

    unfrozen one day

    into a cold metal can


    against other bodies

    in a grim dance

    Forgive me

    I had not room and

    the metal can was so empty

    and so cold

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  57. This is Just To Say

    I have murdered
    Your mum
    And placed her
    In the icebox

    By the sandwich
    you were probably
    for breakfast

    Forgive me
    She was annoying
    So bitter
    And so cold

  58. Whitney

    This is just to say
    that I will always love you,
    that I attribute who I have become because of you.

    I am strong, brave, beautiful and quick.
    I am eccentric, ambitious and good natured.
    I am not you.

    I have had lovers fall at my feet, proving their undying love.
    Unlike you, they desired relationships and offered honest love.
    Unlike you, they saw beauty in my character.

    And you brought out the ugly for so long.
    Life was beckoning though,
    and in your reluctance and oppression I grew strong.

    So forgive me, dad, for I am finally leaving.
    A man is here to stand beside me.
    You tried to make amends, and for that I am grateful
    though they are
    too little
    too late
    And he has deserved my trust.

  59. the housemouse

    This is just to say

    it was i
    that made you feel
    and alone for a minute today

    you were probably
    hoping to avoid

    forgive me

    i was careless
    because i love you
    from deeper wounds
    of my own

  60. Ron Wolf

    This Is Just to Say

    I have chopped up the doll house
    That your grandfather made for your mother
    And your father repainted for you

    I asked you to get it out of the garage
    but you couldn’t be bothered.

    It seemed right, because the garage was like
    your heart
    So dusty
    And so cold

  61. Chicholina

    I have seen your husband
    Dropping your children at daycare today
    So tall and dark and handsome

    I want him
    I think he knows it
    I think he would not mind

    Forgive me,
    He looks delicious
    And I am so heartbroken

  62. AnyBean

    Gracie Washed

    I have taken you for another bath
    It’s not your fault
    Your fur, so thick, so white
    Stained where you strain
    To eliminate.
    When you’re wet
    Your skinny frame shows through
    And people see
    How fragile
    How old.
    Wrapped in a towel
    You’re not
    So cold.

  63. mike creed

    I’m sorry I didn’t call on mothers day. Though I doubt you expected to hear my voice. Its been 4 years already. Forgive me. Its the only way I can hurt you without you hurting me.

  64. Brad

    This is my first one so its not good:

    I’m sorry that you say it
    The horror that was flashing through your mind
    As I pulled it from the box

    It’s body covered in warts
    But limping like a noodle
    No longer alive this ugly thing

    You watched as I ripped it apart
    Then I savored its juices
    Just gushing down my face

    I used your napkin then
    The one with your initials
    The one from your birthday

    It is now drenched in those juices
    The letters soggy and torn
    You are probably angry

    No longer can I stop myself
    The taste of the flesh is great
    I am a pickleholic

  65. Anonymous

    this is just to say…
    i have turned
    completely from you
    you probably
    didn’t expect this
    after all these years
    forgive me
    but your friend
    was too much for me to take
    as I hopped from
    bed to bed to bed

  66. austinrory

    this is just to say

    i actually
    was never
    into you
    at all

    although i
    made you
    think otherwise

    forgive me
    you looked great
    and i was
    so lonely

  67. Beth

    This is just to say
    I have bought
    the blue stacked-heel peep-toe pumps
    that were in that cute boutique

    and which
    you were probably
    planning to wear
    for your party

    Forgive me
    they were irresistible
    so pointy
    and so promising

  68. Mine:
    This is just to say
    I have laundered
    your Ipod
    that you left
    in your skateboard shorts

    Forgive me
    I couldn’t tell it was there
    the new board shorts are so big
    and so heavy

  69. californiacook

    This is just to say

    I touched your boyfriend in that spot tonight
    The one you have been telling me about
    Forgive me
    But you and I have never been especially close
    And he has wanted me for so long

    and. . .

    This is just to say

    I sold the house your parents left us
    Forgive me
    I suppose I should have told you I was planning to
    But you’re so hard to talk to sometimes
    And willing buyers are difficult to come by in this market

  70. Thekey

    This is just to say
    when you started leaving
    the dirty dishes on the counter
    above the dishwasher
    I cried again
    Forgive me
    after 13 years
    I had to leave
    I’m not looking back

  71. Anonymous

    This is just to say
    I have read the note
    that you posted on Facebook
    in which
    you were probably
    to me
    You’re right!
    I am a jackass
    so heartless
    and so cold
    (but at least
    I’m not passive aggressive
    like some people
    I know)

  72. M

    This is just to say…

    I have drunken
    the milk
    that was in
    the fridge

    and which
    I thought you were
    for breakfast

    Fuck you.
    It was spoiled.
    You did this on purpose.

  73. JAC

    This is just to say

    I have written a note about eating plums

    and left it on the icebox

    and which you will probably


    and one day publish

    Forgive me

    It’s so deceptively simple

    so cryptic

    and so easy to parody

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  75. Cassady Hetrick

    This is just to say…
    I have taken
    your heart,
    it was trapped
    by a layer of ice.

    You may have
    been saving
    the broken, damaged thing
    for another girl.

    Forgive me,
    it was so dysfunctional,
    so haunted,
    so cold.

    We had to write a spoof for my AP Lit class, I thought I would share my version. I also wrote this one:

    I have taken
    your soul
    that was trapped
    by your icebox of a heart.

    You may have
    been saving it
    for heaven.

    Forgive me
    it was delicious,
    so sweet,
    and oh so cold.

  76. Kit

    This Is Just To Say

    I am sorry
    and have
    somewhere made
    a mistake,

    though it’s
    unclear where we went
    in perfection

    Forgive me
    you were too much
    so sweet
    and so cold.

  77. Anonymous

    I’m sorry that
    I made friends
    with the girl
    you like and
    told her that
    I love you.

    I’m sorry that
    I told her
    that you have
    feelings for her.

    You were probably
    planning to
    tell her in
    your own time

    Forgive me.
    She was such a
    good listener,
    and I put in a
    good word for you.

    She said you
    weren’t her type

  78. jep

    this is just to say

    I have had sex with the husband

    who is in the garage

    and who you were probably saving

    for the rest of your life.

    forgive me.

    I am so damaged,

    and you seemed ok with it.

  79. Thea

    This is just to say
    That this is just today
    And every day
    From here on out I will
    Be different

    It’s hard to chance
    But its what I’ll
    Do for you

    And if you need me I’ll
    Be fixing the things I broke
    This will make it better
    I hope

  80. Kaylin

    This Is Just To Say

    I’m sorry I broke up
    with you on Christmas

    A holiday which you
    don’t really enjoy in
    the first place

    Forgive me
    but the way I felt after
    was my own Christmas present
    to myself

  81. Monica

    I have read the messages
    that were in your inbox
    and which
    you were sneakily
    because I would
    forgive me
    they were disgusting
    so disrespectful
    and so bold

  82. LOL

    “This is Just to Say”

    I have plagiarized
    your first line
    of your
    famous poem
    about the plums

    With which
    you would probably
    sue me
    you were still alive

    Forgive me
    it is such fun
    to finally plagiarize
    getting in trouble

    did I mention
    that you have
    a pathetic

    This poem is directed to William Carlos Williams 🙂

  83. This is Just to Say

    I have de-friended
    you on Facebook
    your friend count
    now is zero

    This probably made
    you feel abandoned
    since you’re lonely
    and my mother

    Forgive me

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  85. This Is Just To Say

    I have hidden
    the insulin
    you kept in
    the icebox

    and which
    you were probably
    counting on
    to keep you alive

    Forgive me
    Revenge is delicious
    so sweet
    and so cold

  86. Michele Anderson

    I ordered the city burned to the ground that you had planned on retiring to next year. I am sorry, but I was craving peanut butter cups and none were to be found, so your retirement city is melting and I am still craving peanut butter cups.

    We held hands each time we were reunited and then I severed my own hands with a spoon. I know not what I do.

    I shredded the draft of your novel it took you seven years to type on a typewriter, bullheadedly refusing the use of a computer. I used the shredded pages to pack the items of yours I sold to strangers on Ebay and felt the warm, rare, January sun flush my cheeks.

    I broke your leg off during copulation last night. Forgive me. I cannot hear you when I am excited and I did not want it in the way the next time, if there is a next time, because I do not know if I like you anymore now that you have only one leg.

  87. Anonymous

    This was written by a former student of my Language Arts teacher. I don’t remember her name, but I thought I should give her credit.
    This is just to say
    I have burned
    the letters in your drawer
    and which
    you were probably saving
    as keepsakes
    Forgive me
    I needed to
    hurt you

  88. Anonymous

    This is just to say…
    I have ripped off your plastic head
    that was attached to your disturbingly disproportional body.
    You don’t even know that it’s missing because you are just a doll.
    Forgive me
    It was so tempting
    so satisfying
    and so worth it.

  89. Anonymous

    This is just to say…
    I have picked the flowers
    that were in your garden
    and which you were probably
    planning on caring for all summer.
    Forgive me.
    They were so beautiful
    so perfect
    and so fragrant.

  90. Anonymous

    This is just to say…
    I have forwarded you an e-mail
    About Jesus
    Which you probably
    Will not read
    Forgive me,
    But He is watching
    So omnisciently
    Into my inbox

  91. JoAnne

    This is just to say…
    I backed over your cat
    which was lying in your driveway
    Forgive me
    But its claws were so sharp
    And you know I’m allergic.

  92. Addison

    This Is Just To Say

    I have taken
    your original idea
    of this poem

    and which
    you thought of
    and put in my own

    Forgive me
    my English Teacher
    assigned it
    sue her
    not me

  93. Anonymous

    This is just to say,
    I have fired your husband,
    Who was working for me?

    in which
    You were probably
    Relaying on
    His weekly income

    Forgive me
    He was annoying
    So troublesome
    And so stupid

  94. Anonymous

    This Is Just To Say

    Last night,
    when you and thirty other
    barely-clothed friends
    walked in front of my car
    when the light was green,
    I wanted to run you over.

    My foot was on the brake
    and my hand was on the horn
    you gave me an apathetic look
    and I gave you the finger.

    Forgive me
    for I was in a bad mood
    and you were so thoughtless
    and dressed so slutty.

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  102. This site is hilarious and great!!!

    This is Just to Say ……

    I have broken
    the car window
    that was in
    the driveway

    and which
    you were probably
    for a trip to the grocery store

    Forgive me
    it was so clear
    so breakable
    and so easy

    this is my spin on this amazing poem I hope you like!!!!!

  103. Anonymous

    I was thinking about children’s stories and came up with this…
    I have eaten
    The blonde
    That went through
    Our icebox
    And which
    You were probably saving for breakfast
    Forgive me
    She was delicious
    So sweet after eating
    Porridge which was too cold

  104. L

    This is just to say

    I have miscarried
    the baby
    that was growing
    inside me

    and which

    you were probably
    to meet

    Forgive me
    they were tiny
    so beautiful
    and so lost

  105. Anonymous

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  109. anon

    I am spending a few days in Sydney
    Which you were probably saving for some bedroom misadventures
    I’m sorry Master!
    I’m sure I’ll have the time of my life at the Green Day concert you forbade
    It was just too tempting
    And worth every bit of anticipated punishment

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