TV Show Meme

It’s been the kind of week where I really need a meme to get my blogging thoughts going.  What, you say it’s only Tuesday?  Exactly.  That kind of week.  So, like Ramblingmom, I am stealing this meme from MLL.  Shows in italics are ones I’ve seen, and those in bold are ones I watched regularly.

100. Mork & Mindy–oh, yes, from the very first episode I loved it.  How many people remember it was a Happy Days spin-off?

99. Star Trek Voyager

98. Knight Rider–I was young enough to think the car was much cooler than David Hasselhoff.  Wait, maybe that just shows I had good judgement even as a kid!

97. Alice

96. Picket Fences

95. Rowan & Martin’s Laugh In

94. The Rockford Files

93. Babylon 5

92. Emergency

91. Adam-12

90. Three’s Company

89. Remington Steele–another favorite.  Evidently it was also a favorite for the parents of one of my students whose first and middle names were Remington Steele.  Yes, really.

88. WKRP in Cincinnatti

87. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

86. Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

85. Night Court

84. The Burns and Allen Show

83. Murphy Brown–and I didn’t even grow up to have a child out of wedlock–amazing!

82. Taxi

81. The Odd Couple

80. LA Law

79. Mad About You

78. Soap

77. Baywatch

76. Cagney & Lacey

75. Green Acres–lots of reruns after school

74. St. Elsewhere


72. Hawaii Five-0

71. Party of Five

70. The Waltons

69. Miami Vice

68. NYPD Blue

67. Lost in Space

66. Moonlighting–a high school favorite!

65. Roseanne

64. Fresh Prince of Bel Aire

63. Beverly Hills 90210

62. Charlie’s Angels–Why did I always have to be Sabrina when we played this on the 3rd grade playground?

61. Gunsmoke

60. Magnum PI

59. China Beach–I hated it when this was cancelled.

58. The Monkees

57. Leave it to Beaver–more after school reruns

56. Perry Mason

55. Twin Peaks

54. Laverne and Shirley

53. The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

52. The Golden Girls

51. The Beverly Hillbillies–again, guess when I watched this one?

50. I Dream of Jeannie–ditto. Did I not have any homework?

49. The Bob Newhart Show

48. Dragnet

47. Star Trek: The Next Generation

46. Hogan’s Heroes

45. The Fugitive

44. Barney Miller

43. Married with Children

42. Friends

41. Homicide: LIfe on the Streets

40. Northern Exposure

39. The Wonder Years

38. Home Improvement

37. Dallas–a Friday night high school tradition after football season.  Friday night Dallas night, Saturday night date night! 

36. Batman

35. Alfred Hitchock Presents

34. Columbo

33. Law and Order

32. Frasier

31. The Honeymooners

30. The Flinstones

29. The Addams Family

28. Bonanza

27. Family Ties

26. Gilligan’s Island

25. The Ed Sullivan Show

24. Hill Street Blues

23. Get Smart

22. Quantum Leap–another favorite

21. Little House on the Prairie

20. The X-Files

19. Seinfeld

18. ER

17. The Avengers

16. The Brady Bunch–oh, wait, I worked this one in after school too.

15. The Simpsons

14. The Cosby Show

13. Mission: Impossible

12. Happy Days

11. The Carol Burnett Show–I loved watching this with my grandmother.  Just the other day in the office we talked about both the Scarlet O’Hara skit and Mrs. Wiggins.

10. All in the Family

9. The Twilight Zone

8. Bewitched–My favorite show as a preschooler.  And, yes, I watched reruns after school later on.

7. The Mary Tyler Moore Show

6. The Dick Van Dyke Show

5. Cheers

4. The Andy Griffith Show

3. Star Trek

2. MASH–both my dad and Adventure Guy love this one.  I’ve watched all the episodes more or less vicariously.

1. I Love Lucy


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