I’ve Lived To Tell The Tale

As predicted in yesterday’s post, I didn’t get much sleep last night.  Major storms again rolled in and succeeded in waking me at around 3:00 a.m.  I listened to the thunder and watched the lightening a while before determining that no hail was falling this time around.  I then managed to doze on and off until my 5:45 a.m. alarm.

Adventure Guy went with me to my first MRI attempt.  I needed moral support.  Ironically, the whole “test run” helped me feel a lot better about things this time around.  We decided it would be far more helpful for him to stay back and get the kids off to school than to come to the hospital with me this morning. So, I arrived all alone about five minutes before my 7:15 appointment.  Wait for it now…

Where the receptionist informed me that I was not on the schedule today for an MRI.  Now, last time when there were medical reasons for rescheduling, I remained fairly calm.  Though I again remained calm, I was prepared to throw a complete and total hissy fit right in the reception area if this MRI didn’t happen as scheduled (or as not scheduled as the case may be). 

I promptly produced my paperwork from last Friday which included the written date and time of today’s appointment along with the name and phone number of the person who scheduled it.  She had nicely given that to me in case I had any questions.  Then I waited while phone calls were made back and forth between the MRI area and the front desk.

And wha la!  The nice lady from Friday appeared to escort me back for my MRI.  The process then flowed much like it did last week with the exception of the mention of “someone coming in to start your IV.”  What?  IV?  It’s probably best I didn’t know that for a week.  I guess it’s nice to have something diminutive about one’s body, but veins would probably not be what I would have selected given a choice!  Fortunately, the nurse who ran the IV did a great job.  She really took her time finding a good vein before she started sticking me with needles.  She had the whole thing run with just one try. 

Then, it was into the tube.  Fortunately, for the breast MRI, the patient enters the machine feet first.  I also liked that they wanted me to keep my arms up by my head rather than by my sides.  I think the claustrophobic feelings would have been much stronger if my arms were pinned.  I just kept my eyes closed and tried not to think too much about it. 

The tech who performed the test also helped me get through it by keeping me updated on the progress through the various views needed.  I listened to some rock oldies on the headphones and tried to block out the machine sounds.  It was great to know things like, “Okay, this is going to last two minutes.”  “Now, we’re going to put in the contrast dye.  Be really still for the next four minutes.”  It broke up the 45 minute test into manageable pieces, and before I knew it, the nurse came in to take out the IV and move me out of the machine.

I’ll have the results next Wednesday, so I’d appreciate good thoughts and prayers for a definitive answer and an end to the testing saga.



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3 responses to “I’ve Lived To Tell The Tale

  1. My prayers and thoughts are with you.

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